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University Getsmarter 125 vues

UC Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Strategy Cours payé

Demystify the impact of AI and learn to manage strategy in this non-technical course.

Software Edureka! 2093 vues

Pentaho BI Tutorial GRATUIT

This Pentaho tutorial will help you get a deep understanding of Pentaho Business Intelligence suite. This Pentaho BI video is specially designed to help beginners. Pentaho is a company that offers a

University Getsmarter 131 vues

Northwestern Digital Transformation in Operations Cours payé

Discover how digitization can increase the speed and effectiveness of your business operations with a top business school.

Computer science Udacity 141 vues

App Growth – from Performance Measurement to Creative management GRATUIT

Follow digital marketing experts from Udacity and Google to learn about app performance measurement and creative material management, master the essence of Google’s automated investment and creative...

Computer science Udacity 142 vues

Computational Photography GRATUIT

This class explores how computation impacts the entire workflow of photography, which is traditionally aimed at capturing light from a 3D scene to form a 2D image. A detailed study of the perceptual,

Computer science Udacity 181 vues

How to Make a Platformer Using libGDX GRATUIT

'2D Game Development with libGDX' explored the basics of the libGDX game framework, from simple drawing to user input. This course will use those skills to create a much more sophisticated pla

Computer science Udacity 157 vues


In this course, you’ll learn how to use Spark to work with big data and build machine learning models at scale, including how to wrangle and model massive datasets with PySpark, the Python library f...

University Udacity 1775 vues

College Algebra GRATUIT

Math is everywhere. In this class, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of algebraic principles, many of which you may have seen before, and learn how to use them to solve problems that we encounte...

Software Missingmanuals 5923 vues

Debugging Scripts in FileMaker Pro 9 GRATUIT

This screencast from Geoff Coffey, co-author of FileMaker Pro 9: The Missing Manual, guides you through using the Script Debugger to fix your FileMaker Pro scripts.

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