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Music Udemy

Intervals and Melodies 2 - Melodic techniques - Ableton 19.99 €

Melodic techniques to expand and improve your melodies

School Udemy

Crash Course in Sentence Diagramming (English Grammar) FREE

Learn almost all there is to know in 20 minutes or less!

University Coursera 109 views

Basics of thermodynamics Paid Course

Our course on the basics of thermodynamics targeting a wide audience includes only what is absolutely necessary, focusing on the most basic issues, excluding less important specialized topics. However

School Udemy

Pumps in Oil and Gas industry (part#3) 19.99 €

Fundamentals of Machinery Equipment in Oil and Gas Part#2

Computer science Udemy

Power Electronics: Learn how to Test Electrical components 19.99 €

Electrical engineering, electronics engineering, circuit diagram analysis, Transformer, Transistors, MOSFETS, Inductors

Design Udemy 104 views

Hard Surface 3d Vehicle Detailing and Texturing for Games 19.99 €

Learn the process of unwrapping, sculpting, polypainting, and rendering his Hard Surface Sci-Fi Vehicle Tank!

Business Udemy

ClickFunnels Automation For Trainers, Coaches & Consultants FREE

Learn the step by step process to automate your training business with ClickFunnels and make income on autopilot.

Business Udemy

Crafting perfect cold emails that gets responses 19.99 €

Create lead generation with cold email. Great for startups, working professionals, networking, small businesses, & more

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