Learn IFRS 9 - Financial Instruments
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Financial Instruments Essentials

Udemy 17 lessons 136 views

Financial Accounting Masterclass for MBA, Engineers, Non-fin
19.99 €

Learn Accounting, Finance, Financial Statements, Financial Analysis, Accounting for beginners

Udemy 20 lessons

How To Trade Commodity Futures for a Living
84.99 €

Learn to Trade with a focus on Commodity Futures

Udemy 28 lessons

Investing: How I Consistently Beat The Stock Market
84.99 €

A practical guide to investing in stocks: outperforming the stock market while outsourcing most of the effort

Udemy 34 lessons 106 views

Introduction to Accounting in 2 Hours practical Explanation
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Learn basic accounting in easy language earn High income

Udemy 32 lessons

Investment Funds in Canada (IFC /IFIC) Tutorials
84.99 €

The IFC certification from CSI prepares you to advise clients about their mutual funds investments

Udemy 32 lessons 109 views

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UK ACCA FMA/MA Chapter 9

Udemy 5 lessons

Passive Income - 1-Hour Course To Guide Your Financial Path
19.99 €

Passive Income Strategies Based on Long-term Growth, Not Short-term Hype - Index Funds - Online Businesses - Investments

Udemy 22 lessons

Capital Investment - The Yield Curve and Present Value
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calculating the Present Value of a Future Cash Flow by the help of the Yield Curve

Udemy 9 lessons

100 Forex Strategies + Portfolio Expert Advisors Monthly
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Forex Algo Trading with New Technology for building Forex Strategies. Achieve Stable Results in Forex with Lower Risk.

Udemy 15 lessons