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School Udemy

English Dance - Beauty Pageants Fashion Models Actors 24.99 €

Language Learning Online Lessons for Fashion Models, Dance Workout for fitness

Computer science Udemy

10x Engineer: What? You can do that on Cisco IOS? FREE

Wow! You can run those amazing Linux commands on Cisco IOS? And Python scripts? Cisco DevNet is here. Automate today.

Computer science Udemy

Learn KiCad V6 and STM32 Hardware Design 19.99 €

Design an STM32-based prototype from scratch in KiCad V6 - all the way from concept to manufacturing.

Business Udemy

Define Your Company's Culture: Motivate & Engage Employees FREE

Myth or Truth? People are your greatest asset.

Health & Wellness Udemy

Nutrition and Training 101: Everything you need to know. 19.99 €

Your one-stop-shop to understanding how to set up training and nutrition that best fits your needs.

School Udemy

Chemistry 101 - Part 1 Principles of Chemistry 19.99 €

An introductory course for anybody who wants to study chemistry - either towards future pathways or just for fun!

Business Udemy

Get Started With Using Easy Trading Bots - PART 2 FREE

Learn how to get setup, step by step, with Easy Trading Bots

Health & Wellness Udemy

Seven Steps to Your Personal Wellness and Recovery 29.99 €

for women who are ready to get their life back on track after brain surgery, brain injury or epilepsy

Spare time Udemy

Drawing Basics: How to Draw Like an Artist 84.99 €

Learn how to draw anything as a beginner with the Drawing Basics course

Music Udemy

The Art of Singing Module 1 and Module 2 84.99 €

Vocal Techniques and Voice Discovery

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