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University Coursera

Sustainable Agricultural Land Management FREE

This course will cover the agricultural and urban water quality issues in Florida, their bases, land and nutrient management strategies, and the science and policy behind the best management practices

School Udemy

Culvert Design using HY-8 FREE

A guide to designing culverts for access roads and laneways supporting agricultural conservation projects

Computer science Udemy

Microsoft Azure: Cloud Computing Made Easy: 3-in-1 84.99 €

Design, configure, and build your cloud-based infrastructure with Microsoft Azure

Business Udemy

Screenprinting 101: How to Get T-Shirts Made for Your Brand 19.99 €

How to Manufacture Screenprinted Apparel for Your Clothing Brand - Graphic T-Shirts, Hoodies and more..

Business Udemy

Investing in Cryptocurrencies-A Whiteboard Explanation 59.99 €

Learn Cryptocurrency investing from Financial Advisors

Computer science Udemy

Basic JavaScript: Build 4 Basic JavaScript Projects 69.99 €

JavaScript Basics from Scratch! A 100% Practical JavaScript Course with Quizzes, Exercises, Hands-On Practices &Projects

Computer science Udemy

Android Programming Tutorial Videos For Beginners 49.99 €

Learn How To Program For Android Devices The Easy Way This Android Training Course Shows You Everything You Need To Know

Internet Udemy

Learn Google Apps Script and Become a Google Sheets Master FREE

Use Google Apps Script to automate repetitive tasks, create custom functions, import data & connect to external tools

Spare time Udemy

How to Paint Water With Watercolors 84.99 €

Learn To Paint Stunning Waterfalls, Seas, Rough Surf, Quiet Ponds And More...

Internet Udemy

Learn Digital Marketing: Strategy, Tactics, Planning 49.99 €

Identify your target market, create actionable goals, learn programmatic, display, social, SEM, SEO, analytics, and more

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