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Design Udemy

Adobe Photoshop: Beginners Course on Digital Painting 19.99 €

Create simple landscape digital painting using adobe photoshop. You will create your first simple digital painting.

Health & Wellness Udemy

Kung Fu Weapons - The Flexible Weapons 24.99 €

Learn the self-defense techniques for the meteor hammer, chain whip, and bull whip.

Computer science Udemy

ShoppingCart in ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Knockout, Architecture 49.99 €

Complete working shopping cart solution with ASP.NET technology stack, source code

Internet Udemy

CPA Marketing Course Essential Guide to Small Home Business 199.99 €

CPA Marketing For Beginners to Advance Level Marketing The Ninja Way to Boost Sales

Software Udemy

SAP Process Integration - Process Orchestration Tutorial 34.99 €

Deep explanations training sessions of the SAP Process Integration and SAP Process Orchestration

Business Udemy

LBO Modeling 94.99 €

Learn about Leverage Buy-out deals and concepts and practically creating a LBO model for a company.

Computer science Coursera

Advanced SQL Retrieval Queries in SQLiteStudio Paid Course

In this course you will learn to write advanced SQL (Structured Query Language) retrieval queries using SQLiteStudio. Retrieving data from a relational database is one of the primary methods used by a

Design Udemy

Graphic Design Foundation Course 44.99 €

A Foundation Course in Graphic Design: Giving You Creative Confidence...

Business Udemy

Algorithmic Trading on Forex with MT4 Robot-Constructor 84.99 €

Creating and Testing Algorithmic Trading Strategies Using Real Forex Robot (Customizable Expert Advisor for Metatrader).

Spare time Udemy

Indian Cooking - Dinner on the Spice Route (Chicken Vindaloo 59.99 €

Learn - Spices 101, Chicken Vindaloo, Butternut Squash, Muttar Basmati Pilaf, Kidney Beans Kachumba, Gajar Ka Halwa,Chai

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