Football Betting: Generate Your Own Odds (Introduction)
49.99 €

Learn how to generate your own football odds and become a professional sports betting success story with Orio Sports

Udemy 11 lessons

Learn How to Foam Roll and Do Soft Tissue Drills
19.99 €

Intro to Myofascial Release & Soft Tissue Techniques Utilizing Foam Rolling, Lacrosse Balls, Massage Stick, & much more!

Udemy 23 lessons

Tai Chi Instructor Training Certification Course Part 1/3
189.99 €

Become a Certified Tai Chi Instructor/Teacher Through This Home Study Program - Learn how to teach Tai Chi Effectively

Udemy 34 lessons

Learn Yoga Philosophy of Sage Patanjali
29.99 €

20Hrs Yoga Philosophy (200Hr TTC level)

Udemy 11 lessons

First Aid Foundation
84.99 €

First aid procedure in workplace, ABCDE method of first aid, Pregnancy first aid, Traumatic injuries, Infant CPR etc.

Udemy 50 lessons 213 views

Sabre Fencing: Technical Skills Fundamentals
19.99 €

Technical Skills Fundamentals

Udemy 10 lessons

No-Gi BJJ: Intro to Back Attacks
19.99 €

Build your no gi back attack game better & faster

Udemy 29 lessons

Learn to assess your body with functional movements
79.99 €

A must have tool to maximize performance and prevent injuries

Udemy 18 lessons

Certified Corporate Yogi Course
84.99 €

Become Your Own Yoga Master

Udemy 8 lessons

Jiu Jitsu Triangle Choke
39.99 €

Jiu jitsu Triangle Choke course, BJJ, Martial arts, MMA, Self Defence, wrestling, judo, sport, grappling, Confidence

Udemy 29 lessons