Chinese Selfmassage
34.99 €

Chinese Medicine Online Education by Wushan TCM

Udemy 15 lessons 184 views

Vegan Thai Cooking Classes Popular Vegan Recipes Thai Food
84.99 €

Learn cooking delicious Thai Food Vegan Recipes. Spice up Vegan Nutrition with Authentic Thai Vegan Cooking Classes.

Udemy 84 lessons 184 views

Pressure Ulcer / Injury Management from A to Z
84.99 €

Learn everything about pressure ulcer from development to treatment

Udemy 69 lessons 177 views

Acupressure For Emergency: Pressure Points 4 Fast Self-Help!
84.99 €

Relieve emergency situations like faint, spasms and many more on your own with the best professional acupressure videos.

Udemy 69 lessons 173 views

First Forty Days: After Childbirth
49.99 €

Nutrition, Lactation, Hair and Skin Care, Fitness, Mindfulness, Relationships and Physical Recovery

Udemy 67 lessons 172 views

Resilient Running: Run Faster, Longer & Injury Free
84.99 €

From 5k PBs to marathon and ultra training, this course will help you improve your running

Udemy 67 lessons 168 views

Practical Meditation - Master Meditation Today
49.99 €

Practical meditation is an easy way to use yoga meditation to conquer stress & anxiety. Live with serenity, peace & joy

Udemy 63 lessons 164 views

HIIT and Body weight exercises with a US Marine
24.99 €

US Marine teaches HIIT, 100+ Body weight exercises, plus a 30 day workout plan!

Udemy 111 lessons 159 views

Internationally Accredited Diploma in Diet Planning
99.99 €

Learn how to Create Your Clients(or your)perfect diet and nutrition plan based on their goals, preferences and lifestyle

Udemy 84 lessons 157 views

Build Lean Muscle 4 Weeks | 20 Min Body weight Workouts
19.99 €

For Beginners to Intermediates

Udemy 76 lessons 156 views

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Event Calendar for ASP.NET MVC Video Tutorial FREE

This is a short video tutorial that explains how to create an event calendar/ scheduler in ASP.NET MVC. To create an attractive event calendar with day, week and month views DHTMLX Scheduler .NET

Software Pepock 14758 views

Fish modeling with cinema 4D FREE

Video tutorials realized by

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Thinking Complexity FREE

This is a hands-on four chapter course to learn how to better understand and act when faced with complex situations. By the end of the course students will be ab

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Oxford Entrepreneurship: Venture Finance Programme Paid Course

Formulate a fundraising pitch using financial projections. Register today to join a global cohort of business leaders.

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Lady GaGa Poker Face Tutorial FREE

Being a HUGE fan of Lady GaGa, I\'ve gotten hundreds of request to replicate her eye makeup in Poker Face...but I thought...why not just go all out and just replicate the entire look, hair, accessorie

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Localization Essentials FREE

Localization is the art of adapting a product linguistically and culturally for international users. Although the industry has been around since the 1980s, it has become increasingly important over th

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Transistor / MOSFET tutorial FREE

How to use an N channel MOSFET to turn anything on and off.Also, remember to put a 100k resistor between gate and ground if you want your FET to stay off by default!

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Visual Basic .NET Tutorial for Beginners FREE

Create a "Hello, world" app,VB.Net Tutorial for beginners - Learn VB.Net Programming in simple and easy steps starting from Environment setup, Basic Syntax, Data Types, Type Conversion, Variables, Con

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Introduction to Graduate Algorithms FREE

This is a graduate-level course in the design and analysis of algorithms. We study techniques for the design of algorithms (such as dynamic programming) and algorithms for fundamental problems (such a

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