CBT Integrative Wellness Life Coach Accredited Certification
84.99 €

Level 1 Practitioner, Level 2 Life Coach Diploma in Integrative Wellness Life Coaching - Therapeutic Art, NLP, REBT

Udemy 75 lessons 154 views

The World Is Your Gym: How To Build The Exercise Habit
24.99 €

Build the habit of regular exercise and reduce the negative effects of sitting all day (without going to the gym).

Udemy 37 lessons 153 views

Dance Naturally with Musicality
29.99 €

Create freestyles, dance to be YOU!

Udemy 109 lessons 151 views

Healthy Eating in the 21st Century
84.99 €

Your Simple Guide to Eating Healthy in the Modern World.

Udemy 75 lessons 151 views

Become Anxiety Counselor - Social Anxiety Disorder ACT
84.99 €

Use Acceptance & Commitment Therapy in your counseling session along with your other approaches to treat anxiety

Udemy 64 lessons 149 views

Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Started In Fitness Boxing
84.99 €

Getting Started In The World's Most Addictive Sport: Beginner And Fitness Boxing

Udemy 41 lessons 149 views

Abstract Art Therapy
19.99 €

Self-exploration through abstract art

Udemy 69 lessons 149 views

Urban Survival - How to prepare and make it out alive
44.99 €

Learn the key elements to urban survival. Preparing for emergency. Urban survival hacks. Living in a post-disaster world

Udemy 16 lessons 148 views

Learn Salsa Dancing - Intermediate Level 3, Complete Course
49.99 €

Dynamic Salsa routines, combination of complex techniques, all detailed for men and ladies. Structured to learn FAST

Udemy 59 lessons 147 views

Poi dancing - beyond the basics
44.99 €

Dive into intermediate and advanced poi dancing with this 13-section progressive poi dancing course

Udemy 181 lessons 145 views

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Software Testing Training for beginners FREE

23 Video Tutorials and learn everything about Software Testing

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Web Design & Dreamweaver Tutorials FREE

The latest and greatest web design and Dreamweaver tutorials from Tutvid.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tutvid Twitter https://twitter.com/tutvid Google+ http://gplus.to/tutvid Website http

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