Oxford Diploma: Cinema/theatre and reducing depression
84.99 €

Depression relief: discuss; watch; apply.

Udemy 193 lessons 1,217 views

Ultimate Self Defense & Fitness Martial Arts Course
84.99 €

Experience weight loss and learn self defense through the arts of boxing, muay thai, Taekwondo, and MMA. 5/10/19 UPDATED

Udemy 144 lessons 1,144 views

Wing Chun Chum Kiu
49.99 €

After completing level 1 you are ready to begin learning how Wing Chun can really be used.

Udemy 183 lessons 1,136 views

Wing Chun Master
49.99 €

Master Wong Wing Chun System

Udemy 162 lessons 996 views

Wing Chun Chum Kiu - M3 Fitness - Competition
49.99 €

Now you have the knowledge of how to break down your opponent it is time to make the theory work in practice. Master Won

Udemy 129 lessons 977 views

Hip Hop Dance For Beginners
99.99 €

Learn 12 Beginning Hip Hop Dance Routines Without Stepping Foot In a Dance Studio

Udemy 171 lessons 914 views

Your Official Breakdance Fundamentals Course
94.99 €

Toprock - Footwork - Freezes - Powermoves (Master the Basics in 30 Days or Learn at Your Own Pace!)

Udemy 107 lessons 866 views

How to Stretch for Martial Arts, MMA and Self Defense!
19.99 €

Your Ultimate Flexibility and Warm-Up Guide! (Martial Arts, MMA, Self Defense, Taekwondo, Karate and more)

Udemy 80 lessons 760 views

Learn The Most Fundamental Weight Lifting Exercises
39.99 €

A Comprehensive Guide To Learn The Most Important Foundational Weight Lifting Exercises with Updated Workout Templates

Udemy 75 lessons 735 views

Ultimate Weight Management/Weight Loss & Wellness Blueprint
89.99 €

Take control of your weight once and for all. This is not theory but the facts from real world experience.

Udemy 35 lessons 698 views

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Meditation, Fitness & Nutrition to lower high blood pressure 24.99 €

Learn how to lower hypertension with the help of Meditation, Breathing exercises, Fitness workouts and Nutrition

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Full Deep Tissue Massage Certified Course (hot oil) 84.99 €

This course will teach you to offer a professional ,Deep Tissue Massage using unique techniques with hot oil.

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Herbs for Winter Wellness from Danu's Irish Herb Garden 29.99 €

It's so easy to make your own simple, effective home remedies

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Achieving Your Soccer Dreams in Half the Time FREE

Everything you need to know to become successful in soccer off the field

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Basic Ballet Guide 24.99 €

Learn the essentials of classical dance

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Forever Flexible: The Complete Guide to Lifetime Flexibility 84.99 €

Learn the stretching techniques of dancers and gymnasts to build long, strong muscles and lasting flexibility

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Requirements of the Health and Safety Act 19.99 €

Learn the steps needed to comply with the OSH Act

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Finally Lose Weight without A Gym Membership FREE

No time for the gym? Learn how to get lean at home.

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Beat Insomnia: Sleep Better Tonight Using Proven Techniques 84.99 €

Wake up refreshed and free from anxiety, fear & stress, learn meditations & sleep hacks that will change your life

Health & Wellness Udemy

GOAL setting strategy + Losing weight example FREE

A step by step process to support you towards your goal

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