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Psychology for Executive and Career Coaching Professionals 19.99 €

An accessible science based course for self-development professionals

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Google Analytics 4 for Mobile Applications 84.99 €

Learn the GA4 reports, technique to fire events, use google tag manager with android mobile app and more.

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Virgo City's Astrology Compatibility Course 29.99 €

Learn the Secrets of Astrology Compatibility

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Interview Essentials - Master Your Interview Essentials Now 84.99 €

Interview Essentials To Help You Land the Job - Sell Yourself Into a Great Job with Strong Interview Essentials

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Flight Vehicle Aerodynamics FREE

Discover the concepts, theories, models, and methods used in the aerodynamic analysis and design of modern aircraft.

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Successful Negotiation: Master Your Negotiating Skills 84.99 €

Master negotiation with these negotiating tips

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Drawing Skills & Exercises: Easily Improve Your Drawings 79.99 €

Easy & Fun Exercises That Develop Fundamental Drawing Skills

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Emotional Intelligence - The Ultimate Masterclass 2.0 FREE

Achieve Your Emotional Intelligence Break-Through And Learn How To Control Your Mind Once And For All

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Kindle Complete Course: Book Writing, Publishing, Marketing 24.99 €

Step-by-step strategies for creating and publishing your own books on Kindle.

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