‘Excelling Under Pressure: Mastering Personal Resilience’
24.99 €

Building self-awareness and resilience to empower individuals to meet the challenges of stress and poor wellbeing

Udemy 10 lessons

[New] How to Solve a 3x3 Rubik's Cube in the Easiest Way
34.99 €

Beginners tutorial to solve 3x3 Rubiks cube. Also learn Speedcubing Basics, 2x2 cube, and Pyraminx as a bonus.

Udemy 40 lessons 318 views

[2022] Get Your Dream Job in Tech – An Insider’s Guide
54.99 €

Ex-Google, Microsoft, IBM & Accenture Execs teach how to write a killer resume/CV & answer tough interview questions

Udemy 36 lessons

[2021] Ultimate Job Interview Skills Masterclass
19.99 €

Nail your job interview with this complete course, including scripts, sample dialogues, checklists, and top questions!

Udemy 12 lessons

[ 2022 ] The Complete Guide to Cracking Job Interviews
24.99 €

Interview preparation to land the job that you want | Communicate with confidence in job interviews

Udemy 17 lessons

Zone Planning- The Easy way to Organize your Life & Business

The Easiest Way to stay Organized and Increase Productivity in Life and Business

Udemy 12 lessons

Zero Point Yoga: Access Infinite Cosmic Power For Healing
19.99 €

Learn How To Channel the Unlimited Cosmic Energy of the Universe!

Udemy 17 lessons

19.99 €

The 3 Laws Of Consciousness For Smarties

Udemy 6 lessons

Zen Life Habits: Living A Simpler, Richer and Happier Life.
84.99 €

Discover The Zen Habits That Will Help You Achieve A Simpler, Richer & Happier Life.

Udemy 10 lessons

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