Self-Development: Master The Habits Of Success and Happiness
84.99 €

The complete guide to personal development and transformation: master your life in every area in less than 60 minutes.

Udemy 20 lessons 245 views

PLATAFORMA 21 | Inglês Online | CASES 1 a 5 | Pacote

Não se trata de um curso de inglês. É um Programa RÁPIDO para te ajudar a destravar o seu inglês e outros bloqueios.

Udemy 107 lessons 240 views

19.99 €

A comprehensive in-depth 35 days virtual treasure hunt to unravel eternal happiness lasting forever.

Udemy 176 lessons 237 views

Higher-Order Thinking (Hot)
24.99 €

Did You Know You Have Three (3) Brains?

Udemy 79 lessons 237 views

Back to Work (B2W) Mom Career Strategy
84.99 €

The Six B2W Mom Career Strategies That Close the Resume Gap and Change the Job Interview Dialogue

Udemy 86 lessons 228 views

The Complete Leadership Course for Managers | Including PIP
99.99 €

Master Situational Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Performance Improvement Plan-PIP, and Motivation Techniques!

Udemy 108 lessons 214 views

Magic Tricks & Props For Children

Build Props for Magic Shows & Presentations

Udemy 85 lessons 209 views

Master 12 Step Recovery - this program has helped millions!
99.99 €

Transform your mind and life with this proven program & easy-to-use video series and fill-in-the-blanks workbook.

Udemy 101 lessons 208 views

The 10 Laws for Personal Success - The Complete Course
49.99 €

Personal Success Can Be Yours - The TJ Walker SSP System for Success Is Fast, Simple and Easy

Udemy 79 lessons 207 views

Learn How To Minimize The Harmful EFFECTS of Stress
84.99 €

Stress, unchecked, can become harmful to you. Together let's identify your stress and how to manage it.

Udemy 94 lessons 205 views

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Timeless Wisdom from Ageless Stories FREE

Invaluable life lesson from the world famous stories

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Breathwork - Master Your Mind & Emotions in 21 Days FREE

Powerful Breathing Methods to Reduce Social Anxiety, Depression & Improve Your Sleep

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Elemental Energy for Success and Well Being 79.99 €

Tap into the power of the natural elements to bring balance and harmony in your life!

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Together Let's Find Your Inner Greatness 79.99 €

Everyone is capable of achieving great things and accomplishments, let's discover yours together and then act on it

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Category Romance Outline Writing Course 19.99 €

Learn the exact method a best selling romance publisher uses to outline their books

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Interview and Survival Skills in the Corporate World FREE

To get into the corporate world and survive in it

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How to Successfully Apply for Admission to a U.S. University FREE

This preview course offers everything you need to know to successfully apply for admission to the school of your dreams.

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Accredited Certificate in Counselling Children & Adolescents 84.99 €

Become Children & Adolescents Counselor ● Certification from India's leading Training Provider

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