Happy Days Coaching - Positive Thinking for a High Vibe Life
59.99 €

Sharing secrets for Happiness and How you can lead a more positive and productive lifestyle.

Udemy 70 lessons 176 views

Success Principles 101: The Peak Performance Guide
84.99 €

The Guide To Achieving Peak Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Financial Fitness

Udemy 105 lessons 172 views

Mindfulness Practitioner Diploma (Level I, II, III & Master)
109.99 €

Discover mindfulness, an ancient wisdom-based discipline that leads to profound self-awareness and personal development.

Udemy 192 lessons 164 views

English Literature: Be as Informed as a Literature Graduate
89.99 €

The development of English Literature from its earliest texts to the present day

Udemy 72 lessons 163 views

Leadership Training for Klal Yisroel
189.99 €

Learn the 6 rules of Torah on how to make decisions

Udemy 81 lessons 163 views

Become a Communication Skills Specialist - 9 Courses in 1
84.99 €

Master Conflicts, Persuasion, Public Speaking, Presentation, Writing Skills, Customer Service & Confidence to Speak Up.

Udemy 92 lessons 161 views

How To Get Hired: Writing And Speaking Your Best
19.99 €

Build your profile, develop your CV, succeed at your interview, and ace your assessment centre examinations

Udemy 75 lessons 158 views

21 Day Mindfulness & Meditation Course
19.99 €

Transform your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, & habits and discover the essence of your true nature through meditation

Udemy 75 lessons 157 views

Strategy, Tactics, Defense and Survival Course
49.99 €

Develop your way to strategy, your mindset to tactic, your environment to defense and your body to survive. Be prepared!

Udemy 58 lessons 153 views

Break Free From iPhone, Screen, Social Media, Tech Addiction
84.99 €

Make your iPhone Addiction-Free and Limit your Phone Usage - Let your iPhone Enrich your Life and Not Destroy it

Udemy 69 lessons 144 views

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