The Ultimate Guide to Angel Numbers: Certified Course
69.99 €

Learn how to decode angel numbers and discover the next steps the universe wants you to take along your path.

Udemy 65 lessons 144 views

MBTI - A Look at the ENFP
34.99 €

Understanding and Developing Personality Type

Udemy 131 lessons 142 views

Child Psychology Learning And Development
84.99 €

How children learn, Effective child development strategies, Strategies to promote early childhood etc.

Udemy 61 lessons 140 views

Interview Better than Anyone: by An Award Winning MBA Prof.
84.99 €

By an Award Winning MBA Prof. Who Successfully Changed Careers from Goldman to Consulting to VC to Hedge Funds to Tech.

Udemy 167 lessons 138 views

Spiritual Awakening-Remaster, Soul Evolution
84.99 €

Master Energy & You Master Life!

Udemy 54 lessons 137 views

Complete Law of Attraction MasterClass - Manifest Your Goals
84.99 €

Manifest Your Goals, Master the Law of Attraction, & Create the Life of your Dreams From Scratch in our Masterclass!

Udemy 62 lessons 135 views

Boost Emotional Intelligence, Logic, Wisdom, And Creativity
19.99 €

Boost your IQ, emotional intelligence (EQ), wisdom, creativity, memory, learn philosophy and logic & be more worldly

Udemy 70 lessons 133 views

Learn to Fully Charge Your Work & Life by Tom Rath
84.99 €

Learn the keys to leading your best, fully-charged life from Tom Rath, the best-selling author of StrengthsFinder.

Udemy 65 lessons 132 views

Video Game Addiction : Overcoming Video Game Addiction
84.99 €

A-Z guide to overcoming Video Game Addiction. Get your life back and the life of those you love from Video Games

Udemy 57 lessons 132 views

Strategic Note -taking For Information
84.99 €

Understand the techniques and tips for note-taking, Note-taking strategies, How to take meeting notes etc

Udemy 59 lessons 129 views

Correlated course

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28 Day Manifestation & Gratitude Challenge 19.99 €

Based on the recommend practices from the book, The Magic

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Novel Writing: Dialogue, Beginnings and Endings 39.99 €

Bring Your Novel to Life with Vivid Dialogue, Catchy Beginnings and Memorable Endings

How to Udemy

watercolor phoenix 19.99 €

learn how draw and to layer watercolors and mix media to create an abstract bird

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How to become a published children's book author 29.99 €

The skills and tools you need to jump start your journey to becoming a children's book author

How to Udemy

A Fundamental Course on Indian Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) 79.99 €

Learn Vedic Astrology for Astrologers, Planetary & Sign Characteristics, Horoscope Analysis applying Jyotish concepts.

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The Proven Path To Discover & Live Your Passion 84.99 €

From Lost, Confused & Disoriented To Having A Life To Die For

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Beginners Guide to Meditation FREE

Meditation a tool for transformation

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Electronics S1W5: Resistors in Series 39.99 €

Resistors can be connected in 1 of 4 configurations. The first of these, series resistors, is covered in this class.

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Self Development For Beginners 39.99 €

How to Live More (know more - do more - be more - have more)

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