Feng Shui Tips to Create More Wealth & Prosperity!
34.99 €

Learn Feng Shui principles, cures and enhancements to boost your abundance and prosperity; then apply them at home!

Udemy 17 lessons

University Survival -Tips for Surviving University Life
84.99 €

University Survival : Getting the Grades, Making the Friends, Having fun and Graduating College in 4 years or less

Udemy 57 lessons 273 views

Steps to Successful Marriage for Singles
19.99 €

Marriage for Singles

Udemy 14 lessons

Effective Time Management For Professionals
84.99 €

Time management / Develop the habits of success

Udemy 10 lessons

31 Day Devotional On What It Means To Be An Ally
19.99 €

How to Become an Effective Ally

Udemy 33 lessons

Healing writing. Letters from your heart
19.99 €

Learn a powerful healing tool for your soul and body. Just take a pen

Udemy 14 lessons

Root Chakra Meditation
19.99 €

So Ham Pranayam Meditation - Root Chakra Japa Yoga

Udemy 39 lessons

Professional Holistic Fertility Counselling Diploma Course
84.99 €

Fully Accredited Diploma Course - Counselling to Assist Stress & Psychological Causes Of Infertility

Udemy 12 lessons

Find Time to Write Your Novel
84.99 €

This course shows you how to find time to write AND breaks novel writing into small steps. Led by a published novelist.

Udemy 75 lessons

Sounds True's Awakening a Joyful Heart with Meditation
199.99 €

Jack Kornfield on How Mindfulness, Love, and Compassion Can Change Your Life

Udemy 14 lessons

Correlated course

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How To Set A Solid Morning Routine 19.99 €

Be Happier, More Productive and Achieve Your Goals

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How To Manage My Time Effectively? 29.99 €

The Complete Time Management course for Business Owners and Bitcoin Advisors

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Anybody Can Paint - Painting Course for Beginners (Acrylics) 39.99 €

Learn how to paint stunning paintings in a matter of few hours of attending this ultimate course for absolute beginners!

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Career Dynamics: Five Step Approach to Career Change Success 34.99 €

The Five Step Approach to Career Change Success will allow you to achieve your career vision…. Your own Career Roadmap.

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Learn How to Connect to Spirit 19.99 €

Learn how to be a medium & connect to Spirit.

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Journaling to Enhance Happiness 79.99 €

A Seven Day Intensive with Journaling, Mantra & Meditation to Enhance your Happiness and Life Satisfaction

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Hypnotherapy practitioner 19.99 €

Online and in office certification

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Self Leadership FREE

Self Leadership in 7 steps

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Manifest from the Vibrational Dimension FREE

Four Days to Kickstart Your Manifesting Journey and Turn Your Dreams into Your Reality.

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Love After Kids (Mini-Course) FREE

Change The Habits That Are Keeping You Stuck In Your Relationship

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