Happiness University - Create Your Happiness (30 days)
19.99 €

Learn to be happy just because, no matter what. Enjoy your life as much as you can.

Udemy 92 lessons 468 views

10X SUPERHUMAN Focus: Maximize Your Brain & Focus
89.99 €

ULTIMATE Focus Training: Discover a Step-By-Step SYSTEM for Accelerating Your Focus Without Stress or Procrastination

Udemy 167 lessons 285 views

3 Habits Life Coach Positive Psychology Certificate [3 of 9]
84.99 €

Life Coach Cert. : (2 in 1). One of the Nine Prerequisites Required for the Positive Psychology Master Coach Diploma

Udemy 111 lessons 245 views

Courageous Conversations: Conquer Your Relationship Fears
34.99 €

10 Questions to Conquer Your Relationship Fears and Live with Courage

Udemy 95 lessons 241 views

Psychology 101
84.99 €

A Comprehensive Introduction To Psychology & The Study Of Human Mind & Behavior

Udemy 112 lessons 221 views

The Ultimate Leadership & Personal Development Course
84.99 €

Discover your Potential and Develop your Talent through powerful soft skills

Udemy 133 lessons 217 views

MBTI - A Look at the ESTP
34.99 €

Understanding and Developing Personality Type

Udemy 132 lessons 217 views

The Personal Leadership Blueprint For Successful People
84.99 €

Learn The Principles You Need To Become The Leader Of Yourself, And Others. Lead Your Life Towards Success.

Udemy 71 lessons 216 views

Oxford Diploma: Death, Grief and Healing (Short Course)
84.99 €

Fully Accredited short course in Death, Grief and Healing

Udemy 78 lessons 213 views

10X SUPERHUMAN Learning: Speed Reading & Memory Booster
89.99 €

Learn Anything Fast: ADVANCED Speed Reading (800 WPM), up to 4 Hours of LASER-LIKE Focus, SOLID Memory, FAST Note-Taking

Udemy 172 lessons 207 views

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Memory Mastering FREE

Chill with your Memory , save Time and Learn More

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Meaning, Life Purpose & Legacy-Finding & Fulfilling Your Why 44.99 €

Find and Discover Meaning in Life and Your Life Purpose, Life Coaching for Personal Success, Live a Fulfilling Life

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How to Change Your Life - i.e. Lose Weight or Stop Smoking 39.99 €

Break the bad Habits of a Lifetime. Create lasting change to give you the life you Know, Want and Deserve.

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Root Chakra Meditation 19.99 €

So Ham Pranayam Meditation - Root Chakra Japa Yoga

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Develop your Brand as a Thought Leader using Social Media 84.99 €

How to use Social Media to create a large, engaged following and then develop that into a highly successful Brand

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Matrices: Learn the Foundations for Linear Algebra 84.99 €

Types of matrices, arithmetic operations, Multiplication of Matrices, Inverse and Determinants.

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Principles Based Leadership FREE

Enhancing Leadership Skills

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Having A Financial Mindset FREE

We share our experience, philosophy and approach for achieving high financial goals and accumulating wealth

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How To Find Hot Buttons Of Anybody For Sales And Persuasion 84.99 €

How To Find Hot Buttons Of Anybody For Sales ,Persuasion, Rapport Building and Improving Relationships Using NLP

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