PMP Certification Training Exam

This PMP Certification Training video will help you to clear the PMP Certification Exam in the first attempt. It also gives an understanding of PMBOK Guide, project management processes, and how to ea...

Edureka! 55 lessons 32,999 views

AWS Certification Training

This AWS Certification Training videos takes you through - What is Cloud Computing, What is Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS tutorials, AWS services, EC2 tutorial, S3 tutorial, EBS tutorial, Cloudfront ...

Edureka! 37 lessons 24,756 views

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Hive to ADVANCE Hive (Real time usage) :Hadoop querying tool 49.99 €

In and Out of Apache Hive - From Basic Hive to Advance Hive (Real-Time concepts) + Use cases asked in Interviews

Computer science Udemy

CSS : CSS Awesomeness FREE

Learn To Write CSS the awesome way!

Computer science Udemy

Data Visualization with Python: Crash Course FREE

Learn to build interactive charts with Plotly and Python asap

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Learn Data Analysis with SQL and Tableau (2 Courses in 1) 34.99 €

Improve your Business Analytical Skills with with SQL and Data Visualization with SQL Server and Tableau

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SQL Injection Attacks: The Guide FREE

Learn hands-on how to perform and defend against one of the most devastating web attacks - SQL injections

Business Udemy

Business Agility - the Beginner's Guide 69.99 €

Gain agile skills to build a career as a scrum master, agile coach or a consultant. Thrive in a modern agile enterprise!

Computer science Udemy

C Programming Language Demystified 79.99 €

Through the use of animation this course will demystify the internals of the C language in a way that anyone can learn!

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