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School Coursera

Linguistic Diversity, What for? Paid Course

What is linguistic diversity? What are its implications and opportunities? How is diversity around the world? How is it experienced, understood and managed in different contexts? What is your knowledg

Business Udemy

How to Use Embedded Commands to Dramatically Increase Sales! 19.99 €

Learn the Secrets of Persuasion that top salespeople use on the daily basis to grow their sales

Computer science Udemy

Certified Info Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Test 19.99 €

Get Exam Preparation for CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional Exam (Updated)

Design Udemy

Sass Tutorial For Beginners : CSS with Superpowers 84.99 €

Expand your CSS knowledge by learning SCSS syntax, nesting, functions, and more in this course!

School Udemy

Geology: Basic Principles of Geochemistry 64.99 €

Geochemistry for geology and engineering students!

Computer science Udemy

Advanced Scrum Product Owner II Practice Tests questions 19.99 €

Prepare for PSPO2™ Scrum Product Owner 2 certification with many professional practice tests and tips. Get a high score!

Computer science Coursera

Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine: Foundations Paid Course

In this course, "Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine: Foundations," you get a review of the layout and principles of Google Cloud, followed by an introduction to creating and managing software

Computer science Udemy 120 views

React Clone WhatsApp (w/ React Router, React Hooks) 2021 84.99 €

With Convenient, Amazing and Simple Technologies like Meteor, React Hooks, TypeScript and Styled Component

Computer science Udemy

[NEW] Cyber Security 2020 FREE

web security and clever attacks, defenses, and techniques for writing secure code

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