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Computer science Udemy

UFT/QTP for SAP Training 39.99 €

Using UFT/QTP to Automate SAPGUI and SAP Portal Application Testing

Computer science Udemy

WordPress for Beginners - How to Make a Website Step by Step FREE

Make a Website with WordPress Using a Free WordPress Theme - Simple & Easy. No Experience Required!

Computer science Coursera

Deploy a Website Container Image in AWS ECS and AWS Fargate Paid Course

In this one hour project, you will learn how to build a docker image containing a website, push in AWS Elastic Container Registry repository and deploy and run in AWS Elastic Container Service and AWS

Business Udemy

Solopreneurship 101 Free Mini Course FREE

Learn how to start your own successful online solo business for free.

Business Udemy 124 views

Making Intro Music for Entrepreneurs FREE

Never pay music license fees again, and you don't have to have ANY musical talent. PC Only. Mac version coming soon.

Internet Udemy

Streamyard Strategies for Speakers 29.99 €

Streamyard is Your Fast-Track to LiveStreaming Success

Spare time Udemy

Online Resources for Exploring Old Railways in the UK FREE

The websites to use when researching old railways and other historical sites in the UK including old maps.

Spare time Udemy

Wiring Technique - Buttonholes and Flower Crowns 19.99 €

Learn how to make beautiful buttonholes and flower crowns using the wiring technique, taught by our expert florist Zita.

Internet Udemy

Viral Music Video Marketing | YouTube secrets & hacks 19.99 €

How to promote your music video just like the record labels

School Udemy

Chemistry course: How to write chemical formula in chemistry 84.99 €

Build strong foundation of Chemistry by writing names and chemical formula of covalent & ionic compounds in Chemistry

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