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Business Udemy

How To Make a Book Trailer 19.99 €

Create a book trailer using Windows Live Movie Maker and royalty free pictures, music and video clips.

How to Udemy

How To Quit Your Job - The Right Way 19.99 €

A 5-Step Plan to Ditching Your Day Job

How to Udemy

Motivation Mastery: How to Get Motivated Fast 84.99 €

The 7-Step Blueprint for Skyrocketing Your Motivation - How to Achieve Your Life, Short Term & Career Goals

Computer science Udemy

Windows Server 2022 OS Administration For Freshers 84.99 €

System Administration Windows Server 2022 For Freshers : Ultimate Course With Practical Examples & Hands-on Training

Business Udemy

Implementation of Anti Money Laundering AML Framework 19.99 €

Anti Money Laundering AML Framework Implementation in Financial Institutions FIs including Banks

Health & Wellness Udemy

Cook Real Food: How to Make Simple Plant-Based Meals 94.99 €

Learn how to cook whole plant foods to make quick, easy, and healthy vegan meals for practical everyday eating.

Design Udemy

How To Succeed at Print On Demand - Merch By Amazon & Beyond 84.99 €

Proven strategies for making a living on Merch By Amazon and other platforms selling T-Shirts, Low Content Books & more

Business Coursera

Learn to Job Search with Indeed Paid Course

By the end of this course, you will be able to search for the exact job that you want to be in, in the correct location, with the desired salary you want. You will also know where to look for accurate

Business Udemy

Build Your Six Figure Coaching & Speaking Business 49.99 €

360 business training - everything you need to know to build a 6-figure coaching, training or speaking business.

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