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IELTS Band 7 Preparation Speaking Course FREE

Guide to learning and understanding strategy and tactics to success on IELTS Speaking.

Music Udemy

7 Simple Tips That Will Improve Your Barre Chords! FREE

Barre chords are tough but you will start improving your barre chords within minutes of starting this course!

How to Udemy

Wedding School 19.99 €

Virtual course designed to help couples navigate planning their perfect wedding day

Computer science Coursera

The R Programming Environment Paid Course

This course provides a rigorous introduction to the R programming language, with a particular focus on using R for software development in a data science setting. Whether you are part of a data scien

Computer science Udemy

Packer from Scratch in AWS 19.99 €

Learn Packer in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

School Udemy

Group Dynamics: Psychology of Group Behavior 84.99 €

Become an expert in group behavior! Learn how every group is similar in form and development and how each one operates.

Spare time Udemy

Travel Revolution: The All-Inclusive Travel Hacking Program 84.99 €

The All-Inclusive Program To Discover The World And Upgrade Your Travel Experiences

Business Udemy

Bookkeeping for Canadians 19.99 €

A Guide to Performing Basic Bookkeeping Functions in Canada

How to Udemy

Learn Quran verse by verse Juz 23 (Wa Mali) FREE

Juz 23 (Wa Mali) Surah Yaseen 36:22 to Surah Az-Zumar 39:31

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