Italian language course - oneworld

Italian Course for beginners

Oneworlditaliano 12 lessons 14,097 views

German lessons with Eva, unit 1

German lessons with Eva, Unit 1

Girls4teaching 10 lessons 12,462 views

German lessons with Eva, unit 3

German lessons with Eva, Unit 3

Girls4teaching 10 lessons 11,954 views

German lessons with Eva, unit 2

German lessons with Eva, Unit 2

Girls4teaching 10 lessons 11,145 views

Arabic for beginners

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:· recognize, write and correctly pronounce the Arabic alphabet as well as understand the diacritic marks (al-harakaat) that affect the...

DalarnaUniversity 15 lessons 9,165 views

French course with Mathilde, unit 1

French lessons, Unit 1

Girls4teaching 8 lessons 9,126 views

Correlated course

Music Udemy 113 views

Making music 2 with Akai's MPC Studio MK2 FREE

Having fun using the MK2 to easily create music

Business Udemy

Stock Market Prediction Using Artificial Intelligence 19.99 €

Learn the essentials to use Artificial Intelligence in the Stock Market and predict Stocks

Design Udemy

UX Design Mastery - User Experience Design Crash Course 84.99 €

Unlock the power of design thinking. Learn the UX design process with practical examples & become UX designer! Start now

Computer science Udemy

Getting Started with Data Management 69.99 €

Learn the basics of how organizations deal with data. Analyze data using Python and SQL. Explore Hadoop and Hive.

Design Udemy 235 views

Solidworks Mastery - with PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS 24.99 €

Solidworks - Learn almost everything {Sketching, Part modeling, Assembly, Surface Modeling} through Applications.

Health & Wellness Udemy

Own Your Best Life - Your Body & Mind Transformation Bible 159.99 €

My Transformation Secrets From Broken to Champion. Learn How To Stay Young and Strong Past Your 20s.EAT MORE, LOSE MORE!

Computer science Udemy

Introduction to HTML Complete Beginner to Expert Course 89.99 €

Learn how to code in HTML from scratch. Perfect for beginners and anyone who wants to learn HTML

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