Making Electronic Music & Visuals

Beyond the Usual Topics

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Logic Pro X 201 - Complete Logic Pro X Music Production
84.99 €

Learn Electronic Music Production In Logic Pro X With EDM Music Theory - 3 Full Tracks From Scratch - 5 Courses In 1

Udemy 113 lessons 1,761 views

The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Class
84.99 €

Best Beginner and Intermediate Guitar Course! New great guitar lesson just added

Udemy 183 lessons 1,705 views

20 Essential Drum Grooves

Learn 20 of the most common grooves that range a variety of styles

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Learn Guitar in 21 Days

Learn how to play thousands of your favorite songs on guitar in just 3 weeks!

Udemy 82 lessons 1,623 views

84.99 €

The complete course in instrumentation & orchestration

Udemy 154 lessons 1,611 views

Beginner Violin Course - Learn Violin from Scratch
84.99 €

A Comprehensive Violin Course - Violin for Beginners - Learn Violin from Zero - Step by Step Violin Lessons - Violin 101

Udemy 160 lessons 1,607 views

Blues Guitar For Beginners

Learn to play electric blues riffs, chord and rhythms

Udemy 81 lessons 1,604 views

Hands On Guitar: Beyond Beginner

Take your guitar playing to the next level

Udemy 68 lessons 1,482 views

Learn to Play Piano or Keyboard from Zero to Hero
19.99 €

From basics learn All Keys: A , A# , B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F# , G, G# and how to use them in different progressions

Udemy 126 lessons 1,468 views