Making Electronic Music & Visuals

Beyond the Usual Topics

Udemy 110 lessons 571 views

20 Essential Drum Grooves

Learn 20 of the most common grooves that range a variety of styles

Udemy 88 lessons 496 views

Blues Guitar For Beginners

Learn to play electric blues riffs, chord and rhythms

Udemy 81 lessons 477 views

Learn Guitar in 21 Days

Learn how to play thousands of your favorite songs on guitar in just 3 weeks!

Udemy 82 lessons 461 views

Hands On Guitar: Beyond Beginner

Take your guitar playing to the next level

Udemy 68 lessons 408 views

Beginner Guitar System

Beginner Guitar Lessons - Easy Online Method

Udemy 70 lessons 399 views

Hands-On Guitar: The Beginner's Guide

The ultimate guitar learning system for absolute beginners!

Udemy 72 lessons 398 views

FREE Beginner Guitar Fast Track - Learn Guitar Basics Online

Beginner Guitar for those who see it and get it, so they can progress quick without a lot of extra talking

Udemy 66 lessons 376 views

Introduction to Modular Synthesis and VCV Rack

Sound Design Foundations

Udemy 60 lessons 353 views

Free Ultimate Beginners Guitar Lessons - Part 1

Your first steps to learning guitar the right way. Sign up and see your playing progress daily which is always exciting

Udemy 56 lessons 304 views

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Visual Basic .NET Tutorial for Beginners FREE

Create a "Hello, world" app,VB.Net Tutorial for beginners - Learn VB.Net Programming in simple and easy steps starting from Environment setup, Basic Syntax, Data Types, Type Conversion, Variables, Con

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Shell Workshop FREE

A quick, one-lesson introduction to the Unix-style command-line environment.This course is intended to get you up to speed on the shell — using a terminal, managing files and directories, and runnin...

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Advanced Android App Development FREE

Ready to level-up your skills as an Android developer? In this course, you will learn how to make your app production-ready by developing a variety of different sample apps, each designed to showcase

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CAM Sustainable Finance Paid Course

Plan for the future. Discover how sustainability measures and trends are impacting the current financial system.

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HTML and CSS Beginner Tutorial FREE

Introduction, HTML, Introduction, HTML, Elements, HTML, Attributes, HTML, Structure, HTML, Entities, HTML, Document, HTML, Meta, Data, HTML, Style, HTML, Resource, link, HTML, Favicon, HTML, Script, B

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Swift 3D Basic Tutorial FREE

This is a basic tutorial for using swift 3d.

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University of Toronto Rotman Cybersecurity: Leading Organizational Strategy Paid Course

Develop a cybersecurity strategy for your organization to foster a positive, risk-aware culture and mitigate any potential threats.

School Khan_academy 4975 views

Biology - Khan Academy FREE

Covers topics seen in a first year college or high school biology course.

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Northwestern Data Visualization With Tableau Paid Course

Gain key tools and insights to strategically design data visualizations for decision-making and communication in Tableau.

Computer science Udacity 159 views

High Performance Computing FREE

The goal of this course is to give you solid foundations for developing, analyzing, and implementing parallel and locality-efficient algorithms. This course focuses on theoretical underpinnings. To gi

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