Sound Design - Create your own Transition FX
74.99 €

Sound Design your own Transition FX for Music Production

Udemy 36 lessons

Diminished Lightning Vol. 2 - Gypsy Jazz Guitar Soloing
49.99 €

The Basics of Single-Note Soloing with Diminished!

Udemy 19 lessons

FL Studio 20 - Produce a Trance Track using FL Studio
84.99 €

Learn how to use FL Studio 20 to produce a trance track from start to finish

Udemy 40 lessons

Carnatic Flute Basics | Beginner's Guide
49.99 €

(PART-1) Learn Carnatic Flute Beginner's course. Become a good player and prepare yourself to learn various Raagas

Udemy 57 lessons

Konnakkol Basics By Vidwan B R Somashekar Jois

Anybody Can Learn Konnakkol !

Udemy 17 lessons

Bass Lessons For Beginners Musicians
19.99 €

Chords, how to improvise, harmony, theory, walking bass, common chords progression, rhythm, and more...

Udemy 29 lessons

Music Theory and Reading Music - The Beginners Guide!
84.99 €

Learn How Music Theory, Reading Music, and Writing Music Can Make You Better at Music Production and Music Composition.

Udemy 61 lessons

Music Publishing Made Easy
84.99 €

Music Publishing (How to earn while you sleep) Music Publishing is the backbone of the Music Industry

Udemy 7 lessons

Songwriting magic and craft
84.99 €

Learn songwriting craft and magic from award winning Scottish songwriter Jim Byrne. Learn to write great songs!

Udemy 105 lessons

The Art of Modern Guitar Playing
84.99 €

Enroll with us and develop/expand your own style of guitar playing, drawing influence from a lot of modern techniques

Udemy 41 lessons

Correlated course

Music Udemy

Easy Rock Guitar 49.99 €

Learn 1 song on guitar fast! No experience required!

Music Udemy

How To Co-Write Songs Like The Pro's 29.99 €

Learn how songwriting with others can advance your music career - and how to co-write songs like the Pro's

Music Udemy

The Top 24 Guitar Hacks & Tips for Beginners 29.99 €

Learn shortcuts and tricks that'll make your learning curve faster and let you have a lot more fun with your guitar.

Music Udemy

Guitar Lessons - zero 2 hero - Christmas Songs - Part I 84.99 €

Guitar Lessons - Christmas Guitar Solo Instrumentals for The Acousitc Guitar or Electric Guitar - for any Guitar Player

Music Udemy

Mexican And Mariachi Guitar 49.99 €

English - Español Online Course

Music Udemy

Learn To Play The Drums 84.99 €

Become a drummer with a step by step programme to get you from being drumming novice to drumming expert

Music Udemy

Piano Chord Progression and Rhythmic Patterns for Beginners 19.99 €

Learn up to 30 Piano or Keyboard Chord Progressions and Rhythmic Patterns. This is a Practical Application.

Music Udemy

Play Any Song By Ear (Part One) 19.99 €

Develop your musical ear so you can play any song by ear

Music Udemy

Hybrid Mixing – The Only One 24.99 €

Mixing through software and hardware

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