Pentatonic Legacy - La scala pentatonica prende vita
159.99 €

I segreti della scala pentatonica dei grandi chitarristi

Udemy 21 lessons 253 views

Sound Design - Create your own Transition FX
74.99 €

Sound Design your own Transition FX for Music Production

Udemy 36 lessons 191 views

Diminished Lightning Vol. 2 - Gypsy Jazz Guitar Soloing
49.99 €

The Basics of Single-Note Soloing with Diminished!

Udemy 19 lessons 140 views

FL Studio 20 - Produce a Trance Track using FL Studio
84.99 €

Learn how to use FL Studio 20 to produce a trance track from start to finish

Udemy 40 lessons

Carnatic Flute Basics | Beginner's Guide
49.99 €

(PART-1) Learn Carnatic Flute Beginner's course. Become a good player and prepare yourself to learn various Raagas

Udemy 57 lessons 179 views

Konnakkol Basics By Vidwan B R Somashekar Jois

Anybody Can Learn Konnakkol !

Udemy 17 lessons

Bass Lessons For Beginners Musicians
19.99 €

Chords, how to improvise, harmony, theory, walking bass, common chords progression, rhythm, and more...

Udemy 29 lessons

Music Theory and Reading Music - The Beginners Guide!
84.99 €

Learn How Music Theory, Reading Music, and Writing Music Can Make You Better at Music Production and Music Composition.

Udemy 61 lessons 216 views

Music Publishing Made Easy
84.99 €

Music Publishing (How to earn while you sleep) Music Publishing is the backbone of the Music Industry

Udemy 7 lessons

Songwriting magic and craft
84.99 €

Learn songwriting craft and magic from award winning Scottish songwriter Jim Byrne. Learn to write great songs!

Udemy 105 lessons 671 views

Correlated course

Music Udemy

Beginner-Intermediate Step by Step Tabla Course 19.99 €

Learn how to play Tabla to Bollywood, Ghazals, Bhajans and many more songs.

Music Udemy

Compression Fundamentals 19.99 €

Master the art of audio compression to improve your mixing skills

Music Udemy

Songwriting: How to Write Pro Standard Lyrics 54.99 €

My songwriting students have signed licensing deals & played major festivals/venues . Now includes free mp3 mini course.

Music Udemy

Produce a 90's UK Deep/Funky House Track in Ableton Music 19.99 €

Create a classic house track from scratch in 2 hours with only Ableton and a samples pack,

Music Udemy

DJing on Controller 19.99 €

How to mix with Pioneer DDJ 400

Music Udemy

Fl Studio, Beginner Beat Making & Music Mixing 19.99 €

Learn how to use FL Studio 20 to create beats and music mix.

Music Udemy 117 views

Guitar Essentials FREE

Warm Up, Scales and Guitar Licks

Music Udemy 108 views

Piano - Circle of 5ths to Play A Song in 12 Keys in 12 Days 84.99 €

Use Circle of 5ths to play piano - Practice piano in 12 Keys Effortlessly! Learn only ONE new chord a day in 12 days!

Music Udemy

Vocal Mixing Course; Mixing Trap vocals 84.99 €

Learn how to mix trap vocals from scratch and get pro results.

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