Filmmaking in a Box: Indie Feature Film Masterclass
89.99 €

(20+hrs) Watch & Learn the Entire Filmmaking Process of Directing a Low Budget Feature Film. Real Life Film School

Udemy 111 lessons 791 views

Become a master drone pilot in 2 weeks and start a business
84.99 €

Learn to fly a drone cinematically and get proven tips on how to start and manage an aerial filming business

Udemy 91 lessons 692 views

Affinity Photo: Complete Guide to Photo Editing in Affinity
84.99 €

Make your photos look amazing with Affinity Photo, an inexpensive and easy-to-use photo editing tool for Mac and PC.

Udemy 166 lessons 668 views

Easy Portrait Retouching With Lightroom Classic & Photoshop
84.99 €

Learn How To Develop A Quick And Easy Editing Workflow With Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Camera Raw & Adobe Photoshop

Udemy 100 lessons 659 views

Master Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 For Beginners
84.99 €

Everything you need to turn ordinary photos into impressive masterpieces

Udemy 128 lessons 651 views

iPhone Photography Secrets
29.99 €

You'll learn the tools, techniques, and iPhone photography tips to create gorgeous iPhone photographs.

Udemy 100 lessons 635 views

Adobe Lightroom Masterclass - Beginner to Expert
109.99 €

Learn to Sort, Filter, Organize and Edit photos like a pro in this comprehensive guide to Adobe Lightroom

Udemy 146 lessons 603 views

Adobe Premiere Pro - Beginner to Advanced Courses
19.99 €

Learn with practice footage and activities for Adobe Premiere Pro

Udemy 118 lessons 594 views

The Complete Talking Head Video Production Masterclass
94.99 €

Video Production - Building Confidence on Camera for Video Marketing - Filmmaking - Videography - Cinematography

Udemy 186 lessons 585 views

Photography for Absolute Beginners
24.99 €

Photo basics for all camera users

Udemy 98 lessons 563 views

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From Photographer to Filmmaker in 16 Minutes 84.99 €

All you need to know to make the picture to motion picture transition and start shooting cinematic, story-driven films.

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The Art of Black and White Photography 119.99 €

Learn how to create dramatic and compelling black and white images using a range of powerful Photoshop techniques.

Photography Udemy 125 views

Photoshop: Analog Film Style Color Grading for Digital RAWs 44.99 €

Get the most out of colors and grade your RAW files like an analog film photo

Photography Udemy

Instagram Photography Master: Fantastic Photography! 84.99 €

Learn to master your photography in different scenarios like family portraits, landscapes, product, wildlife, and more!

Photography Udemy

How To VLOG on YouTube! Create, Edit, & Publish Your Videos 84.99 €

In this complete course you will learn how to VLOG on Youtube! You will create, edit, & publish your VLOGS from scratch!

Photography Udemy

Affinity Photo for the iPad 84.99 €

The tools and techniques you need to make your photos shine!

Photography Udemy

Beginner Photography Workshop 19.99 €

Get off Auto Mode and create stunning photographs with your digital camera. Shutter, Aperture, ISO, Creativity!

Photography Udemy

How to make Virtual Tours FREE

Hi I'm Ignacio, I currently have a startup called DBI360, we make virtual tours and 360° interactive modeling products

Photography Udemy

Photographic Lighting for Advanced Shooters 119.99 €

Michael Andrew provides an in-depth look at lighting setups that advanced photographers will love to investigate.

Photography Udemy

Webcam Lighting Secrets - How to Light Your Streaming Setup 84.99 €

How to get your webcam setup to Look Bright, Vibrant and Clear WITHOUT spending THOUSANDS of dollars on equipment

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