Learn to Speak Nepali - The Basics

Pronunciation, glossary, theory, and sentences - with a native speaker from Nepal.

Udemy 14 lessons 211 views

Partial Differential Equations (Poisson, Laplace, heat eq.)
44.99 €

PDE solved by Fourier Transform, Fourier Series, method of separation of variables, and more

Udemy 40 lessons 259 views

Certified Medical Terminology course lessons
29.99 €

Medical transcript knowledge, etc

Udemy 13 lessons 126 views

Flip Flops - from Introduction to Conversion
19.99 €

Sequential Circuits : Flip-Flops from Basics to Advanced

Udemy 45 lessons 249 views

Calculus: Differentiation and Integration for O Level A Math
84.99 €

Solving challenging differentiation and Integration questions in high school/O Level Additional Mathematics

Udemy 89 lessons 329 views

Chemistry (Course 1 of 4) An Inquiry-Based Approach

Learn Chemistry Like a Scientist. Course 1: The Fundamentals.

Udemy 5 lessons

D.C. Machine as Generator and Motor

Torque and speed control methods for D.C.Machine

Udemy 7 lessons

Simulation of magnetics for power electronics using Python
19.99 €

Simulation of inductors and transformers using Python Power Electronics

Udemy 80 lessons 781 views

Questions, Present Progressive and Future Tenses
Paid Course

In this course, “Questions, Present Progressive and Future Tenses,” you will learn about question words in English and how to form questions in the simple present. Then you will learn how to form ...

Coursera Podcast

Spanish Cactus - Learn Spanish ASAP

Learn Spanish step by step!

Udemy 100 lessons 630 views

Correlated course

School Udemy

All about telescopes 29.99 €

Understand the workings of the telescope to gaze the heavens above

School Udemy

Essential Academic English: Prefixes & Suffixes 39.99 €

Master English prefixes & suffixes! Learn how to use them every day and perfect your academic English.

School Udemy

Learn to Read Hebrew FREE

Pick up any prayerbook or biblical passage and read aloud!

School Udemy

Biology - Biodiversity and Its Conservation 19.99 €

Olympiad, Foundation, NEET, AIIMS, CBSE, iGCSE, GCSE, MCAT, AP-Biology & More

School Udemy

Mechanical Engineering (Introduction) FREE

Systems in Mechanical Engineering. Learn how things work! #mechanical_engineering

School Udemy

Biology - Mineral Nutrition | 13 Lessons | 2hr 13min. 19.99 €

Olympiad, Foundation, NEET, AIIMS, CBSE, iGCSE, GCSE, MCAT, AP-Biology & More

School Udemy

Antibiotics Practice test 24.99 €

exam your knowledge of antibiotics

School Udemy

The French Subjunctive - Full Course - Intermediate Level 84.99 €

Master the French subjunctive, 100% in French, with Native teacher

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