IELTS Step-by-step | Mastering Reading
24.99 €

Learn everything you need for the IELTS Reading exam — get that IELTS 7+!

Udemy 101 lessons 2,073 views

Organic Chemistry Online Course 15+hours lectures & examples
19.99 €

Master Organic Chemistry in 4 weeks by solving examples & problems! Rahsoft Chemical Engineering Department RAHCH110

Udemy 111 lessons 1,139 views

Advanced analysis of outliers in R and Matlab
84.99 €

Learn robust data analysis with R and Matlab, the key in Data Mining, Statistics, and Machine Learning.

Udemy 74 lessons 1,066 views

IBPS Bank PO Entrance Exam in India
49.99 €

Learn 'How to finish in Top 5% ' in the IBPS Bank PO Entrance Exam

Udemy 120 lessons 858 views

Railway Systems Engineering | (Equivalent to Micro MSc )
34.99 €

A Journey in the World of Railway Systems | Operation | Rolling Stock | Traction | System Engineering | Infrastructure

Udemy 107 lessons 824 views

College Mandarin Chinese on Your Own advanced Level 1
19.99 €

learn one semester's advanced college Chinese curriculum in just one months and save 6000 dollars of tuition

Udemy 49 lessons 764 views

A-Level Maths: Pure (Year 1 / AS)
44.99 €

Master the pure content from A-level maths (first year), and practice on real past paper exam questions.

Udemy 113 lessons 738 views

Precalculus & Trigonometry Explained
39.99 €

Master Pre-calculus & Trigonometry with our Step by Step Video Tutorials. Over 1500 Practice Questions! Ace your Exam!

Udemy 191 lessons 711 views

Russian Pronunciation Course
29.99 €

Improve your pronunciation in Russian to sound like a native

Udemy 124 lessons 666 views

The Happy Malay's Comprehensive How People Look Like Course
34.99 €

Learn Malay Physical Descriptions. What Makes You Unique? What Do People See When They Look at You?

Udemy 183 lessons 641 views

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School Udemy

Teach English abroad without certification or experience! 19.99 €

Find jobs anywhere that will pay your airfare, accommodation and salary - no certification or experience required!

School Udemy

Understanding Spelling in English: A mini-course of drills FREE

Understanding what people are saying when they spell words FAST

School Udemy

Bible: Philemon - 7 Lessons We Can Learn For Today! FREE

Bible Study of the letter to Philemon and the lessons individuals can draw from this man from Colossi

School Coursera

TOEFL Speaking and Writing Sections Skills Mastery Paid Course

This course prepares non-native speakers of English to take the speaking and writing sections of the TOEFL iBT exam. This course explains the difference between the integrated tasks and independent ta

School Udemy

Orthodontic Treatment of Impacted Teeth 199.99 €

Impacted Canines, Incisors, Premolars, Molars.Surgical uncovering techniques. Part of full orthodontics dentistry course

School Udemy

IT security concepts with examples for 2021 19.99 €

If you want to learn the IT security concepts with a lot of examples, this course will be helpful for you!

School Udemy

Basics of Molecular Biology and Genetics FREE

Learn Basics of Molecular Biology, Introduction to DNA isolation, Protocol & Process of DNA isolation & Sources of DNA

School Udemy

Learn Turkish for Beginners: The Ultimate 75-Lesson Course 24.99 €

You learn Turkish minutes into your first lesson. Learn to speak, read and write with 75 video lessons by real teachers.

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