Photographing your Art to Sell and Photoshop Editing
19.99 €

Create a professional artist portfolio to share with galleries and collectors!

Udemy 11 lessons

Introduction to Espresso
74.99 €

Everything you need to know to confidently make great espresso at home

Udemy 7 lessons

Fashion Week: Modeling
19.99 €

Fashion Week: Modeling

Udemy 27 lessons 115 views

Energy Healing Certification Course, Part 2 (Techniques)
84.99 €

An Introduction to Energy Healing Techniques and Strategies

Udemy 38 lessons 191 views

How To Design, Sculpt, Model & Decorate An Isomalt Fish
79.99 €

Students will learn how to create and sculpt a fish and its base and support, including other features and decorations

Udemy 17 lessons

How to Communicate with your E.T. Guides - Part 2
24.99 €

Further recognizing your galactic roots on earth and in the heavens.

Udemy 7 lessons

Among Us Guide - Become Actually Good
19.99 €

Learn Basics and Advanced Mechanics of Among Us. Learn How to Be a Smart Crewmate and a Convincing Impostor.

Udemy 23 lessons 131 views

102 Definitions of Terms in Horse Training - GLOSSARY
19.99 €

Pre-requisite for all riders and horse trainers and a specific Pre-requisite for RLC Course 2020 (to be published 2020)

Udemy 7 lessons

Awaken Your Inner Healer
34.99 €

Learn How to AWAKEN your pineal gland, trust yourself and heal from life's pitfalls.

Udemy 8 lessons

The Ultimate Chakra Healing course
29.99 €

Learn how to scientifically heal your chakras in the most easiest way possible

Udemy 47 lessons 401 views