Guide to the Hive and Steem Ecosystems

Hive and Steem Blockchains

Udemy 59 lessons 1,355 views

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Practitioner ACCREDITED
119.99 €

Combining Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy to create Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy or MBCT for short - join now!

Udemy 134 lessons 995 views

How to read Quran with Tajweed - Qaida Lessons

How to read Quran / Arabic for beginners who want to read classical Arabic. Quran Reading with Tajweed for beginners

Udemy 78 lessons 925 views

CSA Professionals: Be a Successful Veggie Box Member!

How to get the most out of your CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program- Veggie Box.

Udemy 47 lessons 719 views

Learning to fly the Tail Wheel aircraft. Tail draggers.
24.99 €

Advanced Aircraft Pilot training. Learn to fly Airplanes. Aircraft. With tail wheels. No Spam Cans here.

Udemy 70 lessons 683 views

PlantStart: Master Vegan Cooking & Nutrition The Easy Way.
84.99 €

Everything You Need For Delicious Plant Based Cooking PLUS the Nutrition Know-how to Thrive on a Vegan Diet.

Udemy 159 lessons 648 views

Decluttering - Complete Organizing Home, Office, Life Course
89.99 €

Decluttering Your Life - Organization, Home Improvement, Minimalist Lifestyle, and Computer Organization Techniques

Udemy 133 lessons 643 views

Astrology for beginners made easy with Sue Fletcher
84.99 €

This Astrology course has been created so that anyone can learn Astrology in a step by step process.

Udemy 123 lessons 630 views

Backcountry Camping For Beginners
34.99 €

Backcountry Camping for Beginners

Udemy 118 lessons 627 views

Guide to visit the historical cities of Belgium

Which cities and places to visit during your short holiday in Belgium

Udemy 48 lessons 583 views

Correlated course

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Waxing Depilation Diploma Course Certification 79.99 €

Our Waxing Course is designed for those looking to learn how to safely and successfully carry out a variety of waxing tm

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Online Course Creation for Life Coaches & Practitioners 84.99 €

Life Coaches / Practitioners / Therapists - add extra streams of income & client attraction with online course creation

Spare time Udemy

The Complete Guide to Overwatch 84.99 €

Ultimate course for beginners to Masters: choose your hero, develop mechanics, and climb the ranks in this dynamic FPS.

Spare time Udemy

Impressionism - Paint this Autumn painting in oil or acrylic 39.99 €

Learn Impressionism techniques creating this Autumn landscape painting. For total beginner through advanced painters.

Spare time Udemy

Watercolour Painting - Pen/Ink and Wash Sketching ESSENTIALS 84.99 €

Learn Pen and Wash by painting some Landscapes of the beautiful Russian town of Suzdal

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Uncover the Mysteries Of Past Life Regression & Spirituality 19.99 €

You will learn about Past Life regression, Astral Projection and Spirituality, & what we can gain by these experiences.

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A 5-step process to an enhanced, high-definition appearance

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Understanding & Interpreting Symbols on Oracle Cards Pt2 84.99 €

Interpret Angel and Oracle cards using the array of symbols therein, so you can step aside and let your intuition flow

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