Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Practitioner ACCREDITED
119.99 €

Combining Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy to create Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy or MBCT for short - join now!

Udemy 134 lessons 1,232 views

Astrology for beginners made easy with Sue Fletcher
84.99 €

This Astrology course has been created so that anyone can learn Astrology in a step by step process.

Udemy 123 lessons 1,102 views

Decluttering - Complete Organizing Home, Office, Life Course
89.99 €

Decluttering Your Life - Organization, Home Improvement, Minimalist Lifestyle, and Computer Organization Techniques

Udemy 133 lessons 891 views

Makeup Artistry - Complete Makeup Artistry Masterclass 2021
84.99 €

Learn to create several different types of makeup looks no matter your level or expertise. Five courses in one!

Udemy 107 lessons 874 views

PlantStart: Master Vegan Cooking & Nutrition The Easy Way.
84.99 €

Everything You Need For Delicious Plant Based Cooking PLUS the Nutrition Know-how to Thrive on a Vegan Diet.

Udemy 159 lessons 871 views

Backcountry Camping For Beginners
34.99 €

Backcountry Camping for Beginners

Udemy 118 lessons 861 views

Learning to fly the Tail Wheel aircraft. Tail draggers.
24.99 €

Advanced Aircraft Pilot training. Learn to fly Airplanes. Aircraft. With tail wheels. No Spam Cans here.

Udemy 70 lessons 834 views

Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening: GROW Your Own FOOD
19.99 €

IT'S ALL HERE! Soil, Plan/Prep, Compost, Seeds, Plant, Pests, Harvest- GROW Your OWN BioDynamic Organics

Udemy 75 lessons 795 views

Smart Home in 8 Weeks
84.99 €

Learn How to Build a Smart Home From Scratch Without Getting Confused or Wasting Money, Start Your Smart Home Journey!

Udemy 84 lessons 775 views

Healing Flower Essences and Crystals for Animals
84.99 €

Emotional First Aid for Pets

Udemy 68 lessons 744 views

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Spare time Coursera

Søren Kierkegaard - Subjectivity, Irony and the Crisis of Modernity FREE

It is often claimed that relativism, subjectivism and nihilism are typically modern philosophical problems that emerge with the breakdown of traditional values, customs and ways of life. The result is

Spare time Coursera

Art & Ideas: Teaching with Themes FREE

This course is designed to help build critical skills that support theme-based teaching practices and build confidence in incorporating modern and contemporary art into interdisciplinary lesson plans

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How To Become A Minimalist (Audio Course) 19.99 €

Learn how to bring back simplicity and intention into every area of your life.

Spare time Coursera

Developing Your Musicianship: Final Project Paid Course

This course will guide you through the final project for the Developing Your Musicianship Specialization. This course will continue to help you apply the musical concepts you learned throughout the sp

Spare time Udemy

I See: Awaken the Third Eye 84.99 €

A 4 week Energy Reading Course. Learn how to identify and read energy in yourself and other.

Spare time Udemy 134 views

Learn the Basics of Astrology with Henry Seltzer 49.99 €

Learn the building blocks of astrology and how to read a birth chart with the founder of TimePassages Software.

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Reiki Level I / Self-Healing + Certification 29.99 €

Learn self-care and self-healing with this beautiful energy practise :)

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Audio Signal Processing for Music Applications Paid Course

In this course you will learn about audio signal processing methodologies that are specific for music and of use in real applications. We focus on the spectral processing techniques of relevance for t

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