100% Official NLP Practitioner Certification iGNLP™ / ABNLP
84.99 €

NLP Get the only Genuine 100% iGNLP™ & ABNLP Accredited - NLP Practitioner Certification Recognised Globally

Udemy 183 lessons 674 views

Drawing & Painting Cute Cartoon Animals for Beginners
24.99 €

Beginners Will Learn How to Draw, Watercolor Paint, & Color Cute Cartoon Animals. Step-By-Step Art Projects for All Ages

Udemy 55 lessons 640 views

Flying Training. Learn to fly. Cessna 172. | Flight school |
19.99 €

Flight school for the beginner.Cessna 172. FULL Pilot licence flying exercises and much more.

Udemy 131 lessons 579 views

Optimal Parenting The Complete "Help me I'm a Parent" Series
84.99 €

Everything you want & need to know about parenting and childhood understanding Succeed from infant to College graduation

Udemy 191 lessons 577 views

The London System Chess Opening with FIDE CM Kingscrusher
84.99 €

Be able to play 1.d4 and win against anything your opponent does

Udemy 125 lessons 497 views

Understanding the Tarot.
84.99 €

Learn to interpret its symbolism through your intuition and become a professional reader.

Udemy 100 lessons 470 views

Procreate: Draw, Sketch, Paint, and Design on Your iPad
109.99 €

Learn how to draw on your iPad with this complete Procreate course! Bring your imaginations to life with digital art!

Udemy 157 lessons 459 views

Complete A.I. Art Generation Course - Beginner 2 MASTER
29.99 €

Learn how to generate everything from Language, Art, Music & much more using cutting-edge A.I. algorithms

Udemy 66 lessons 432 views

Bioenergetics - Learn Why and How You Became the Way You Are
84.99 €

Learn what developmental traumas are, how they affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally and how to overcome them

Udemy 47 lessons 428 views

Certified: Solar Plexus Chakra: The Ideal You
69.99 €

Know yourself and shine your light with confidence and trust! Discover your empowerment and inner strength.

Udemy 34 lessons 427 views

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