Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Practitioner ACCREDITED
119.99 €

Combining Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy to create Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy or MBCT for short - join now!

Udemy 134 lessons 865 views

Learning to fly the Tail Wheel aircraft. Tail draggers.
24.99 €

Advanced Aircraft Pilot training. Learn to fly Airplanes. Aircraft. With tail wheels. No Spam Cans here.

Udemy 70 lessons 544 views

PlantStart: Master Vegan Cooking & Nutrition The Easy Way.
84.99 €

Everything You Need For Delicious Plant Based Cooking PLUS the Nutrition Know-how to Thrive on a Vegan Diet.

Udemy 159 lessons 518 views

Backcountry Camping For Beginners
34.99 €

Backcountry Camping for Beginners

Udemy 118 lessons 510 views

Bio-Organic Farming & Gardening: GROW Your Own FOOD
19.99 €

IT'S ALL HERE! Soil, Plan/Prep, Compost, Seeds, Plant, Pests, Harvest- GROW Your OWN BioDynamic Organics

Udemy 75 lessons 465 views

Astrology for beginners made easy with Sue Fletcher
84.99 €

This Astrology course has been created so that anyone can learn Astrology in a step by step process.

Udemy 123 lessons 454 views

Decluttering - Complete Organizing Home, Office, Life Course
89.99 €

Decluttering Your Life - Organization, Home Improvement, Minimalist Lifestyle, and Computer Organization Techniques

Udemy 133 lessons 441 views

Healing Flower Essences and Crystals for Animals
84.99 €

Emotional First Aid for Pets

Udemy 68 lessons 437 views

Makeup Artistry - Complete Makeup Artistry Masterclass 2021
84.99 €

Learn to create several different types of makeup looks no matter your level or expertise. Five courses in one!

Udemy 107 lessons 428 views

Anime & Manga Drawing Course Chibi Characters
84.99 €

Learn how to draw anime or manga characters in Chibi. Everything step by step and simplified for your learning!

Udemy 58 lessons 399 views

Correlated course

Spare time Udemy

Men's Hair Cutting Techniques - Medium Layer Cut & Low Fade 24.99 €

The formula of perfect haircut and applied hair cutting techniques of trend models

Spare time Udemy

The Art of Contrast Drawing 19.99 €

Amazing Black and White Illustrations

Spare time Udemy

Simply DIY Botox Facial aka Micro Infusion, Microtox Facial FREE

Micro Needling Botox Facial, aka Micro Infusion, Micro Tox Facial

Spare time Udemy

Mixed media painting workshop for beginners (Let Loose!) 24.99 €

Easily create an abstract painting using only acrylics, marker and brushes. No experience needed!

Spare time Udemy

Introduction to Ballpoint Pen Drawing 24.99 €

Let's turn your doodles into masterpieces!

Spare time Udemy

Dowsing With the Lecher Antenna - Bio-energy Level 1&2 199.99 €

Improve energetic health: balance the bio-energies, reduce electromagnetic radiation & check object/food compatibility

Spare time Udemy

Beginners Paper Quilling 29.99 €

Creative and Relaxing art form with clear step by step instructions

Spare time Udemy

Essential Drawing 19.99 €

The information you need to get better at drawing.

Spare time Coursera

Health Across the Gender Spectrum Paid Course

This course offers an intimate, story-based introduction to the experiences of six transgender children and their families. Through illustrated stories and short teaching videos, learners will gain a

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