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Computer science Udacity 222 views

Real-Time Analytics with Apache Storm FREE

The world is trending in real time! Learn from Twitter to scalably process tweets, or any big data stream, in real-time to drive d3 visualizations using Apache Storm, the "Hadoop of Real Time." Stor

Software Udacity 1311 views

SQL for Data Analysis FREE

This course is a quick, fun introduction to using a relational database from your code, using examples in Python. You'll learn the basics of SQL (the Structured Query Language) and database design

University Uncordobax

Tecnologías para una Producción Agrícola de Bajo Impacto FREE

Tecnologías que permiten hacer uso eficiente de los recursos naturales, minimizando los impactos negativos sobre el ambiente y posibilitando una producción agrícola sustentable

Computer science Udacity 214 views

Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues FREE

One of the most interesting topics to visualize in Linear Algebra are Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues. Here you will learn how to easily calculate them and how they are applicable and particularly intere

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