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Health & Wellness Udemy

B.E.A.T. Tiredness - 4 Keys to Unlocking AMAZING Energy 199.99 €

Don't just survive - THRIVE. Learn the simple secrets guaranteed to increase your energy levels and get you playing BIG.

Software Udemy

PivotTables in Excel Course for Beginners 84.99 €

Learn a quick and interactive way of summarizing large data with Pivot Tables in Excel!

Computer science Udemy

End to End Data Science Practicum with Knime 84.99 €

Applied Data Science Concepts and Techniques with Knime and hands on examples

Computer science Udemy

Exam AZ-500: Azure Security Technologies Practice Test 19.99 €

Get ready with a practice test based on Microsoft's AZ-500 exam in English 2022

Business Udemy

Beginning Project Management: Project Management Level One 74.99 €

Project Management: Growing a Successful Career as a Project Manager

How to Udemy

From Social Anxiety to Social Confidence 84.99 €

How To Beat Social Anxiety, Social Phobia & Shyness And Develop Confidence

Design Udemy

MBA in UI/UX design 2021-beginner to worldclass professional 19.99 €

Learn product design and how to create mobile and web app interfaces with figma for different kinds of digital platforms

Computer science Udemy

Deploying Android Apps to Different App Stores - Correctly! FREE

Use 30 minutes to learn how to deploy your mobile app to Google Play the RIGHT way and explore other alternatives.

Computer science Udemy

Learn to build artificial humans 84.99 €

A bite sized course on how to use Amazon Sumerian, Lex and Polly to build life-like artificial humans

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