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Computer science Coursera

Create Keyboard Movement Mechanics with C# in Unity Paid Course

In this two-hour, project-based course, you'll learn how to make your game's character move, jump, sneak and run using different keys on your keyboard. You'll also learn how to set up t

How to Udemy

The only key to success 19.99 €

The blueprint to become the preferred expert

Computer science Udemy

Build an Elegant Website for Your Business with WordPress FREE

Learn how to build a great looking WordPress website for selling and promoting your business

Computer science Udemy

Learn ASP.NET Core using MVC 6 and Entity Framework Core 1.0 19.99 €

Learn web application development using the new completely written from scratch framework called ASP.NET (5) Core

Design Udemy

Design Think 84.99 €

Techniques to Design Amazing Products and Services

Business Udemy

Crafting Irresistible Characters 19.99 €

How to write and craft incredible, relatable characters in your fiction project.

How to Udemy

Transform your life with NLP! FREE

You have all of the resources you need within you.

Health & Wellness Udemy

Autogenous training & meditation course. 84.99 €

From relaxation to meditation. Step 2 and 3.

Business Udemy

How to Profit From Stocks Going Down by Short-Selling FREE

Learn How to Profit From Stocks Going Down By Short-Selling Stocks While Day Trading, Swing Trading, or Investing!

Business Udemy

Stock Market Trading: Actively Trade Stocks Successfully! 84.99 €

Trade Stocks. Build Your Stock Trading Portfolio. Actively Trade Stocks. Day Trade To PT Trade. Trading Step X Step.

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