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School Udemy

Learn To Speak a Language in 10 Days (Speed Learning Tricks) 19.99 €

Become a Polyglot using The Active Vocabulary Method! Learn French, Spanish, English, Chinese, Russian, Italian and more

Spare time Udemy

Chicken Wing Master Class 19.99 €

6 Chicken Wing styles from Crunchy Habanero Mango BBQ to Smooth Asian Wings!

Internet Udemy

Influencer Marketing Mastery 2022 84.99 €

How to connect with your target audience and become an influencer & build a loyal tribe with massive business success !

School Udemy

Bible: Ephesians - 7 Lessons We Can Learn For Today! 39.99 €

Bible Study of the letter to Ephesians and the lessons individuals can apply to their lives and get great results!

Computer science Udemy

Unreal Engine 4: Android & IOS Game Development and Publish 84.99 €

Develop two games from scratch with UE4 course, publish in Android / IOS market and earn with direct sales or admob!

Computer science Udemy

Python 3 Programming: Beginner to Pro Masterclass 84.99 €

Learn Python 3 with more than 100 Practical Exercises and 20 Hands-on Practical Projects

Business Udemy

Bank Audit A Complete Study 84.99 €

One Shot Course to Learn Bank Audit

Design Udemy

Squarespace Tutorial | How To Build A Squarespace Website 29.99 €

Create An Effective Squarespace Website With No Coding Skills Needed

School Udemy

Active Learning - Using Games in Education 19.99 €

Explain How to use different type of games in education and How to create it

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