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This video demonstrates how to use the built in 3ds max Ragdoll script. the code is
rctMakeRagdollUI ()

copy that into the Max script Listener and press enter
you can copy this max script i made to make it easier to access this ragdoll script
just copy this into a text file and save it as it is and open Max and under Script use New Script and Paste the text in there then go under tools and click Evaluate All and the Rollout should pop up
or once you open the text file in max you can save it as a 3ds max script file and then close that window and go back to Script and click Run Script and choose the script you just saved and that should work to.
here is the text:

-- Easy Shortcut Key for Humanoid Ragdoll!!
--By Jordan for 3ds Max 2-11
--Enjoy :)

-- First Create Biped, the Click Create Ragdoll

rollout MyKey \"RagdollKey\" width:112 height:144
button create \"Create Ragdoll\" pos:[8,64] width:96 height:46
button btn4 \"Add Biped\" pos:[8,26] width:96 height:25
label lbl5 \"Ragdoll MaxScript\" pos:[8,0] width:106 height:22
label lbl6 \"Jordan\" pos:[80,128] width:32 height:12
on create pressed do
Global Create = rctMakeRagdollUI ()
on btn4 pressed do
Global btn4 = Biped ()
bipObj = biped.createNew 100 -90 [0,0,92] arms:true neckLinks:1 \\
spineLinks:4 legLinks:3 tailLinks:0 ponyTail1Links:0 \\
ponyTail2Links:0 fingers:5 fingerLinks:2 toes:4 \\
toeLinks:2 ankleAttach:0.3 trianglePelvis:True \\
prop1Exists:True forearmTwistLinks:4 )
createDialog MyKey


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