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Business Coursera

Project Planning Paid Course

Successful projects do not just happen. They are planned. Understanding what success for a specific project means is part of the plan. Take the opportunity to understand how you will measure success.

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Advanced cavitation lipolysis slimming treatments 84.99 €

Advanced cavitation fat lipolysis (non-surgical body re-contouring treatments)

Internet Udemy 106 views

How I Got 1,000 Facebook Fans in 60 Days - Without Ads 84.99 €

A day to day guide that teaches you (through a live example)how to build your Facebook fans from 0 to 1,000 in 60 days!

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Build A TodoList Fast with NestJS and React 84.99 €

Learn to build a Full Stack NestJS and React Application in No Time

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Learn CLA – Programming Essentials in C 19.99 €

Get your CLA – Programming Essentials in C : Certification from the first attempt

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Microsoft Excel Basics for Students & Beginners 19.99 €

Explore what Excel has to offer to us to store and analyze data

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How To Become A Confident Public Speaker FREE

Lessons learned from 10 years and 50 speaking appearances.

Internet Udemy

Email Marketing For Beginners - Common Terms 19.99 €

Understating email marketing in a few easy steps

Design Udemy

Calculate Cost of Material and Apparel FREE

Calculate Cost of Material and Apparel for Textile and Fashion Industry

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