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Learn to implement and manage a culture of change in your organization with MIT Sloan.



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School Udemy

Power Engineering: Power System Analysis - Part 4 84.99 €

Learn about steady-state and transient power system stability to further your career in electrical and power engineering

Computer science Udemy

Build Real World Java Project- Note It Down FREE

Java Programming Course: Learn Development Of JAVA Project

Spare time Udemy

Advanced Spiritual Protection 14 Day Negative Energy Cleanse 44.99 €

Remove curses, rituals, spells, negative, toxic energy, depression, bad-luck and evil eye from your energy-field

Internet Udemy

Email Marketing Strategy A-Z: Design your best strategies 84.99 €

Design best email marketing strategies for your business with 10+ PRACTICAL frameworks. Earn more sales sustainably now!

How to Udemy

Agreements for day to day use - Make your Own Agreements 19.99 €

Be Your Own Lawyer by Drafting your Day to Day Agreements

Computer science Udemy

JavaScript & front-end (not only) for back-end developers 29.99 €

JavaScript, TypeScript, React, backend, frontend, Node, npm, webpack, Mocha, CSS, ES6, modularity, tests, async

Computer science Udemy

The Absolute Beginners 2022 Guide to Cyber Security - Part 3 84.99 €

Learn basic to advanced techniques on how to properly secure and protect your mobile device against malware and hackers

How to Udemy

Time Management: Practical Time Management Techniques 19.99 €

A complete Time Management and productivity course to Get More Done in less time, Best Time Management strategies

Business Udemy

Applied Unsupervised learning with Python (Bitcoin trading) 84.99 €

Learn how to use Unsupervised Machine Learning to develop a profitable bitcoin trading strategy.

School Udemy

8051 Architecture, Assembly and 'C' Programming 19.99 €

After learning this course students will be able to develop Embedded System using 8051 for real time applications

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