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Gain the business knowledge to manage and lead a healthcare practice effectively.



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The Memory Improvement And Learning MasterClass For Success FREE

Learn how to improve and enhance your memory, retention ability and cognitive performance

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Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder practice exams 24.99 €

Pass the Salesforce certification on the first attempt. 94 questions

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TeamCity: continuous integration & DevOps with Java and .NET 84.99 €

Teamcity: Learn sought after skills with rising demand. Streamline software builds with JetBrains Teamcity.

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Python Dynamic HTML Web Server Paid Course

Web application servers are abundant these days. Each have one thing in common, they ultimately process requests and return web pages. Apache serves PHP pages along with static HTML. Microsoft’s .NE...

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DataOps Methodology Paid Course

DataOps is defined by Gartner as "a collaborative data management practice focused on improving the communication, integration and automation of data flows between data managers and consumers across a

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Basics of venture capital 19.99 €

To understand the basics of venture capital and private equity

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Whatsapp Automation: Whatsapp Bots Using Python & Twilio 19.99 €

Learn to code Whatsapp bots for performing multiple task automatically .

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Build your 1st Arduino Robot: Arduino for Kids & Parents 19.99 €

Start Arduino Programming from 1st lecture. Easy Drag Drop Software for kids. 15+ Step by Step Projects. 30 days refund

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Character Design for Beginners - Create Your First Character 84.99 €

Learn the Basics of Character Design - From Drawing and Design to Digital Illustration Using Procreate on iPad

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Understanding Non-Purchase Order (PO) Invoice Transactions 24.99 €

This course covers the flow of Non-PO invoices, from the time they are received by a Company to the point they are paid.

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