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Develop an intellectual tool kit to think about, prepare for, and respond to major crises, with insights from world-class thought experts.



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Learn To understand & eliminate the thief of our time and dreams - Procrastination

University Coursera

Emergent Phenomena in Science and Everyday Life Paid Course

Before the advent of quantum mechanics in the early 20th century, most scientists believed that it should be possible to predict the behavior of any object in the universe simply by understanding the

Computer science Udemy

Introduction To SQL Server Reporting Services -SSRS 84.99 €

Learn Hands-On how to create a basic report using SQL Server Reporting Services

Spare time Udemy

How to save your pet from common hazards? 49.99 €

Veterinarian's best kept practical tools

Business Udemy

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Mindsets for Success 2.0 84.99 €

Business Strategies that ACTUALLY Work [Improve Personal Productivity, Time Management, Personal Development, etc..]

Computer science Udemy

Ethical Hacking from Scratch - The Complete Course FREE

Seal Of Security | Hack Computer Systems like Black Hat Hackers and Secure them like Security Experts.

Design Udemy

Sell Simple Animation on Fiverr 19.99 €

Learn Animation, Sell Content, Earning A Living.

How to Udemy

Enhance your Emotional Intelligence; The Science of Emotions 84.99 €

The Science, Research and Lessons, on Emotions, and Social Skills, for Leaders, Managers & everyone else!

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Spirit Releasement Therapy - Spiritual Entity Healing 89.99 €

Earthbound Spirits, DFEs and ETs; Learn about & manage spontaneous entity events during spiritual healing sessions.

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