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University Coursera

Creativity, Innovation and Transformation FREE

Our lives are being disrupted by pandemics, global warming, wars, political chaos, and technological innovations. We must prepare for an unpredictable and unknown future - and this is the goal of the

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How to become famous FREE

Discover simple and practical steps that can take you from obscurity into limelight in 42 minutes

Business Udemy

Business Analyst: Digital Director for AI and Data Science FREE

IT Business Analysis in The Age of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning

Business Udemy 129 views

Financial Accounting – Inventory Costs 94.99 €

Inventory cost flow assumptions - First In First Out (FIFO), Last In Firs Out (LIFO), Weighted Average Methods

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How To Master Instagram And Reach A Huge Engaged Audience 84.99 €

Discover How To Build An Audience and Market Your Business on Instagram — Even If You’re Just a Beginner

Software Udemy

Linear Programming with Microsoft Excel 79.99 €

Linear Programming Graphical and Computer Based Method

University Coursera 136 views

Creating Engaging Presentations with Mentimeter Paid Course

By the end of this project, you will be able to use Mentimeter to create live polls, quizzes and more in order to check for student understanding. Whether you are teaching online or in person, Mentime

Computer science Udemy

Mac OSX x86 Assembly Programming From Ground Up™ 49.99 €

Build over 30 Assembly Programs - x86 32-bit 64-bit, SIMD, , MMX, SSE- NASM, GAS Assemblers

Business Udemy 146 views

Cryptocurrency Analyzing & Trading in Sinhala - මුල සිට සරළව 49.99 €

Learn a Step-By-Step Strategy for Analyzing the market and Making Money with Cryptocurrencies! - තේරෙන සිංහලෙන් සරළව!

School Udemy

Russian Language with Transcription, Complete Course. 29.99 €

Best Complete Russian Language with English Transcription. For Casual and Business Use. Fast and Easy with a Pro Teacher

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