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About this course
The course will provide clinicians with an in-depth understanding of the scope and manifestations of HIV-related diseases, their prevention, management, and care. Special emphasis will be placed on co-infections and co-morbidities as well as the latest research findings and guidelines related to HIV treatment. The course will be comprised of 4 sections, with various sub-topics under each section.

The course language is English. We will provide subtitles in English and Russian.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

differentiate the clinical manifestations of HIV-related diseases
propose relevant diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment strategies for HIV infection and related diseases according to EACS and WHO guidelines
recognise benefits and adverse effects of various HIV drug therapies
assess strategies for prevention and treatment of opioid drug use
assess strategies for prevention of the transmission of HIV and related infections
understand public health approaches in delivering HIV/AIDS treatment and strategic use of ARVs for treating and preventing HIV infection

What do I need to know?

Participants should have a basic background in medicine.

Course Structure

The course consists of 4 sections:

Section 1. HIV Epidemiology, Key Populations and Continuum of HIV Care
• Epidemiology of HIV; Surveillance of HIV;
• HIV Services for Hard-to Reach Populations, HIV Harm Reduction and Opioid Substitution; Special Issues with HIV: MSM & Other Risk Groups;
• Continuum of HIV Care, Testing and linkage to care; Retention in HIV Care & Adherence, ART Coverage; Regimens for Procurement

Section 2. Opportunistic Infections
• HIV and the management of Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (IRIS), HIV-related Pulmonary Infections, Central Nervous System & HIV, Central nervous System & HIV-related Opportunistic Infections, Tuberculosis and HIV Co-Infection, Hepatitis C and HIV Co-Infection, Epidemiology of cancers and HIV, Clinical Management of Cancers and HIV, CVD/CKD/Endocrinology,

Section 3. ART - Antiretroviral Treatment
• When to start ART, Which ART to start, How to change ART, Adverse Effects & Monitoring of ART, Adherence &Prevention of HIV Drug Resistance

Section 4. Prevention of HIV
• HIV Prevention, Treatment as Prevention, PrEP
• The principles of PrEP, Studies supporting the use of oral PrEP, Key populations for PrEP, How to prescribe PrEP, Monitoring of PrEP, Adherence to PrEP, Sexual Health and Harm Reduction, How to Diagnose and Manage HIV Seroconversion, Country example UK and France, Engagement of Community and Key Stakeholders, Demonstration projects: Belgium and the Netherlands, Impact on the HIV Epidemic

Course options

Audit Track (for free)
No special requirements.

Audit track with Statement of Participation (49 €)
For obtaining your Statement of Participation in the Audit Track, you need to gain progress by watching the video lectures and quizzes and pay the fee.

This course is, unusual to other courses, that you might know from iversity, divided into sections. Sections let you personalise your learning experience. You can select and then finish those course sections that are the most useful for you instead of doing the whole course from the beginning to the end. Finish the first section and download your first version of your Statement of Participation. An updated version will be available after each section you finish.
ENROLL IN COURSE LINK: iversity.org/en/courses/relaunch...f-hiv



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