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Angular and NestJS: A Practical Guide with Docker 74.99 €

NestJS APIs, Angular 10, Typescript, TypeORM, MySQL, Login with HttpOnly Cookies, Export CSV, Upload Images

Computer science Udemy

Google Calendar Live feed to your website Google Apps Script 84.99 €

Explore how you can create a live feed of your Google Calendar entries using Google Apps Script - Add data Spreadsheets

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How to author courses with Articulate Rise 360 84.99 €

Learn to author online courses using Articulate Rise 360

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Negotiations: Manipulative tactics for Sales Professionals 19.99 €

How to reveal and overcome manipulations, build confidence for better negotiation results. Includes 21 real examples

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[NEW]Learn JavaScript for web development by examples 84.99 €

Become front-end/ full-stack web developer (2022) and implement JavaScript projects using modern JavaScript

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Invest in a Heartbeat: Simple Steps to a Stocks Portfolio 29.99 €

If you have always wanted to have a stocks portfolio and just didn't know where to begin, this is just the place for you

Health & Wellness Udemy

ACUPRESSURE - Miracle Points 84.99 €

ACUPRESSURE - Miracle Point Formula - Receive an International Qualification in ACUPRESSURE THERAPY!

Design Udemy 120 views

Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial - Training Taught By Experts 49.99 €

Learn the skills to become creative with Adobe Illustrator CC. A practical hands-on tutorial for users of all levels

How to Udemy

How To Change Habits - A Complete Course To Master Habits FREE

Learn The Fundamentals Of Habits Psychology, How To Change Habits, Create Habits And Eliminate Bad Habits

Music Udemy

Human Beatboxing - A Complete Course 29.99 €

Learn The Art Of Human Beatboxing With UK Championship Beatboxer Danny Ladwa.

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