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Persisting data is a core skill for any iOS developer. This course will teach you three techniques for storing data to your device’s hard drive: NSUserPreferences for small amounts of data, the Sandbox for files and Core Data when you have to play in the Big Leagues!Just like computers, your iPhone has two types of memory: main memory (RAM) and the hard drive. In all the apps you’ve written, you’ve interacted with RAM, but this memory is limited, and it’s important that the apps you design use it as efficiently as possible. To use the RAM efficiently it is important to be able to store data on the hard drive.It is also important for your apps to maintain state when they are turned off. The apps you’ve built probably aren’t persistent, meaning that they don’t save their state to the device’s hard drive. As RAM is volatile, data is lost when the app stops running. In this course, you’ll learn how to persist the state of the device using NSUserDefaults and Core Data.Persisting data is a core skill for any iOS developer. Learn how to store app data to your device using three common techniques: NSUserDefaults, Sandbox, and Core Data.



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