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For an app developer, providing a seamless user experience is critical for building engagement and growing a user base. Passwordless login solutions provide your users with a simple, secure, and positive first experience.In this course, you'll learn two frameworks for sign-up and authentication: Account Kit, which uses a phone number and code, and Facebook Login for Android. You’ll learn how to configure both types of authentication side by side in a sample app, test the flow on a series of common use cases, and wrap things up with an introduction to Facebook’s Graph API, a window into an incredible wealth of data for creating a more engaging experience for your users.Learn how to use tools from Facebook that enable developers to add features to an app that support increased personalization, enable frictionless account creation, and provide a seamless user experience.In this course you'll implement Account Kit and Facebook Login side by side in a sample app, test our login flow on a series of common use cases, and wrap things up with an introduction to Facebook’s Graph API.



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