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Learn to draw and paint a dragon's eye, create a silhouette cat on the moon collage, and draw and colour a haunted tree.


Have fun painting over any spare paper you may have at home to create this night time picture.What you will needPencilWhite, or light coloured, pencilBlack paper2 sheets of used paper eg. pages from a ...

Draw along with me! We will draw a haunted tree house in the night time! Who will live in your tree house?What you will needPaperPencilEraserColouring pencils - orange, yellow, purple, green, black, b ...

Once you have completed your drawing you can colour it in using felt pens or pencils.

Learn how to draw and paint a close up picture of a dragon's face.What you will need -PencilEraserWatercolour paper or any thick paper that won't rip easily once wetWatercolour paintsSmall p ...

Add colour using watercolour paints to complete your picture.

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