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Create daily mediatation, yoga & mindfulness practice


Todays lecture is focusing on the breathing, the way we breathe, what impact this has on our body as a whole, and how can you add mindful breathing breaks to your day. This lecture is followed by guid ...

In today's meditation we add a few yin yoga poses that will help you relax even further and increasing your overall mobility.

In this calls we are going even deeper into the relaxation of the body, working deeper on the awarness of the body.

In this class we reinforce the relaxation method and focus on our neck aera.

Last day of the awarness week, enjoy the relaxation created by your mind.

In this lecture we explore concentration in our meditation, what it is and how to observe it.

Calming mediation and  short yin yoga practice.

In this practice we will focus on the opening our hearts during our mediation.

While we start observing our thoughts and emotions its important to remind us about self judgement & comparation to others, that's what we explore in this lecture.

In this practice, notice what is arising in your mind.

Starting week 4 - where we exploring alertness. In today's practice we will explore the technique that can help us notice how is our alertness during the mediatation.

Reinforcing the technique we started yesterday, another change to check our alertness.

Exploring Yin Yoga Mediation focusing on the glutes & hips.

Mediation practice with a little movement practice.

Last day of the alertness week.

Today we explore integration of all the techniques we learned over the last 4 weeks and focus on our hearts. We also get a visit from a furry friend testing our ability to concentrate

Final day of the 30 days mediation challenge. You will be ready to meditate on your own.

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