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A proven business system and model to scale and automate your business to gain more customers & generate more revenue.


Crystal facilitates a brief overview about Beauty Marketing Blueprint

Discover how to easily increase the value of your time in upwards of $80.00 per hour or more.

Learn the differences between operating through a traditional business model and an explosively, creative business model.

Discover how by making a few simply changes to your business you can catapult your revenue.

The best free website solutions available online.

GIna takes you through a live-online website demo

A recap of what you need to know about setting up your free website

Discover how simple and easy it is to setup your free website - live-on-screen

Learn how simple and easy it is to edit your free website

A detailed view and flowchart of the business system

Crystal will teach you the important differences between email service providers

A live-on-screen and detailed view of an autoresponder

A step-by-step walk through on how to create your email list - live-on-screen

A walk through on how to create your email form and how to intregrate it into your website to build your lists quickly

The importance of follow-up email sequences

Crystal walks you through (step-by-step) a flowchart of sample email sequence and what they would look like

Learn exactly how to setup and create your email follow-up sequences - live-on-screen

Kim explains marketing basics and a reality check explaining the business your really in. And it's not the beuaty business!

Kim explains in detail the differences between mediocre marketing and results driven laser beam marketing

Learn an awesome marketing strategy that will get you floods of paying customers

In this lecture you will learn an extremely scalable and manageable marketing resource that can build you customer list quickly and skyrocket your revenue

Successful marketing offers and their differences - live-on-screen

Kim shows you live-on-screen a flowchart of an ESTI's potential earnings

Kim shows you live-on-screen a flowchart of an MUA's potential earnings